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11:15 Seomoz.Org3 Big Lessons from Interviewing John Mueller at SearchLove London - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by willcritchlow
When you've got one of Google's most helpful and empathetic voices willing to answer your most pressing SEO questions, what do you ask? Will Critchlow recently had the honor of interviewing Google's John Mueller at SearchLove London, and in this week's edition of Whiteboard Friday he shares his best lessons from that session, covering the concept of Domain Authority, the great subdomain versus subfolder debate, and a view into the technical workings of noindex/nofollow.

Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab!
Video Transcription Hi, Whiteboard Friday fans. I'm Will Critchlow from Distilled, and I found myself in Seattle, wanted to record another Whiteboard Friday video and talk

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10:15 habrahabr.ruВосьмая Вебмастерская. Прямой эфир на Хабре

Сегодня в 11:00 по московскому времени стартует ежегодная конференция Яндекса для владельцев сайтов, маркетологов и аналитиков. В этот раз мы не только подготовили ряд анонсов, но и сделали особый упор на взаимоотношении продукта, маркетинга и SEO. Как бизнесу начать эффективно использовать возможности оптимизатора, как вместе с ним подобрать стратегию развития продукта и маркетинговых активностей, как анализировать конкурентов и спрос, — обо всём этом вы узнаете из докладов наших спикеров. Посмотреть Вебмастерскую можно будет в прямом эфире:

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18:31 CMSmagazineКонтекст в новогодние праздники: 10 советов для специалистов

Как размещать контекстную рекламу в новогодние праздники, рассказывает Марина Щербакова, ведущий менеджер по контекстной рекламе i.com

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11:10 Seomoz.OrgWhy Local Businesses Will Need Websites More than Ever in 2019

Posted by MiriamEllis

64% of 1,411 surveyed local business marketers agree that Google is becoming the new “homepage” for local businesses. Via Moz State of Local SEO Industry Report
...but please don’t come away with the wrong storyline from this statistic.
As local brands and their marketers watch Google play Trojan horse, shifting from top benefactor to top competitor by replacing former “free” publicity with paid packs, Local Service Ads, zero-click SERPs, and related structures, it’s no surprise to see forum members asking, “Do I even need a website anymore?”
Our answer to this question is,“Yes, you’ve never needed a website more than you will in 2019.” In this post, we’ll examine:
Why it looks like local businesses don’t need websites Statistical proofs of why local businesses need websites now more than

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21:18 Techcrunch.ComFacebook relaunches search ads to offset slowing revenue

It’s an ad duoply battle. Facebook is starting to test search ads in its search bar and Marketplace, directly competing with Google’s AdWords. Facebook first tried Sponsored Results back in 2012 but eventually shut down the product. Now it’s going to let a small set of automotive, retail, and ecommerce industry advertisers show users in […]

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11:17 Seomoz.OrgEvolving Keyword Research to Match Your Buyer’s Journey

Posted by matthew_jkay
Keyword research has been around as long as the SEO industry has. Search engines built a system that revolves around users entering a term or query into a text entry field, hitting return, and receiving a list of relevant results. As the online search market expanded, one clear leader emerged — Google — and with it they brought AdWords (now Google Ads), an advertising platform that allowed organizations to appear on search results pages for keywords that organically they might not.
Within Google Ads came a tool that enabled businesses to look at how many searches there were per month for almost any query. Google Keyword Planner became the de facto tool for keyword research in the industry, and with good reason: it was Google’s data. Not only that, Google gave us the ability to gather further insights due to other metrics Keyword Planner provided:

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20:17 habrahabr.ruПеред вами — React Modern Web App

Перед тем как начать собирать с нуля Modern Web App нужно разобраться, что такое — Современное Веб-Приложение?
Modern Web App (MWA) — приложение, придерживающееся всех современных веб-стандартов. Среди них Progressive Web App — возможность скачивать мобильную браузерную версию на телефон и использовать как полноценное приложение. Так же это возможность листать сайт в оффлайне как с мобильного устройства, так и с компьютера; современный материальный дизайн; идеальная поисковая оптимизация; и естественно — высокая скорость загрузки.

Вот что будет в нашем MWA (советую использовать эту навигацию по статье):
Universal Web App Material-ui Code Splitting Пример использования Redux Мобильная версия Progressive Web App Babel 7, Webpack и многое другое Люди на Хабре деловые, поэтому сразу ловите ссылку на GitHub репозиторий, архив с каждой из стадий разработки и демо. Статья рассчитана

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00:55 Seomoz.OrgContent Comprehensiveness - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by KameronJenkins
When Google says they prefer comprehensive, complete content, what does that really mean? In this week's episode of Whiteboard Friday, Kameron Jenkins explores actionable ways to translate the demands of the search engines into valuable, quality content that should help you rank.

Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab!
Video Transcription Hey, guys. Welcome to this week's edition of Whiteboard Friday. My name is Kameron Jenkins, and I work here at Moz.
Today we're going to be talking about the quality of content comprehensiveness and what that means and why sometimes it can be confusing. I want to use an example scenario of a conversation that tends to go on between SEOs and

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11:19 Seomoz.OrgThe Guide to Building Linked Unstructured Citations for Local SEO

Posted by MiriamEllis
This article was written jointly in partnership with Kameron Jenkins. You can enjoy her previous articles here.
When you’ve accomplished step one in your local search marketing, how do you take step two?
You already know that any local business you market has to have the table stakes of accurate structured citations on major platforms like Facebook, Yelp, Infogroup, Acxiom, and YP.
But what can local SEO practitioners do once they’ve got these formal listings created and a system in place for managing them? Our customers often come to us once they’ve gotten well underway with Moz Local and ask, “What’s next? What can I do to move the needle?” This blog post will give you the actionable strategy and a complete step-by-step tutorial to answer this important question.
A quick refresher on citations Listings on formal directories are called

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17:17 habrahabr.ru[Из песочницы] На-click-ать известность, или как взбудоражить робота и … остальных

Давным-давно, у фасада далекого-далекого магазина состоялся подслушанный разговор:

NB: - А как привести много посетителей на свой новый сайт?
GURU: - Ну можно ссылок «раскидать» на разных форумах и в соц. сетях. Поисковая оптимизация поможет и контент. Можно тизерные сети привлечь, а можно много раз посетить сайт через разные прокси ...
NB: - И чем же помогут такие посещения, ведь это иллюзия живых людей?
GURU: - Счетчик статистики от google или от yandex объяснит поисковикам, что сайт становится популярным. Да еще и реферер можно связать с посещаемыми сайтами по запросам. Подрастет позиция в поисковиках, а значит и подрастет поисковый трафик.
NB: - А где же взять такое количество прокси?

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22:11 Seomoz.Org7 Search Ranking Factors Analyzed: A Follow-Up Study

Posted by Jeff_Baker
Grab yourself a cup of coffee (or two) and buckle up, because we’re doing maths today.
Back it on up... A quick refresher from last time: I pulled data from 50 keyword-targeted articles written on Brafton’s blog between January and June of 2018.
We used a technique of writing these articles published earlier on Moz that generates some seriously awesome results (we’re talking more than doubling our organic traffic in the last six months, but we will get to that in another publication).
We pulled this data again… Only I updated and reran all the data manually, doubling the dataset. No APIs. My brain is Swiss cheese.

We wanted to see how newly written, original content performs over time, and which factors may have impacted that performance.
Why do this the hard way, dude? “Why not just pull hundreds (or thousands!) of

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16:09 CMSmagazineЦифровой элемент в ТОП-50 Единого рейтинга агентств контекстной рекламы

Цифровой элемент в ТОП-50 Единого рейтинга агентств контекстной рекламы

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16:09 CMSmagazineSEOnews объявил победителей рейтинга "Известность бренда SEO-компаний 2018"

SEOnews подвел итоги 11-го рейтинга "Известность бренда SEO-компаний 2018". В исследовании приняла участие 101 компания. По результатам анкетирования респондентов редакция определила самые известные бренды SEO-отрасли в 2018 году. В итоговую таблицу рейтинга попали 176 номинантов.

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16:09 CMSmagazineЦифровой Элемент в топ 50 Единого рейтинга SEO-компаний

Цифровой Элемент в топ 50 Единого рейтинга SEO-компаний

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13:57 Gazeta.RuРоссия и Белоруссия "окончательно и бесповоротно" признали визы

Начальник департамента по гражданству и миграции МВД Белоруссии Алексей Бегун сообщил, что Минск "окончательно и бесповоротно" договорился с Москвой по проекту соглашения о взаимном признании виз, передает РИА ...

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11:19 Seomoz.OrgLocal Search Ranking Factors 2018: Local Today, Key Takeaways, and the Future

Posted by Whitespark
In the past year, local SEO has run at a startling and near-constant pace of change. From an explosion of new Google My Business features to an ever-increasing emphasis on the importance of reviews, it's almost too much to keep up with. In today's Whiteboard Friday, we welcome our friend Darren Shaw to explain what local is like today, dive into the key takeaways from his 2018 Local Search Ranking Factors survey, and offer us a glimpse into the future according to the local SEO experts.

Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab!
Video Transcription Howdy, Moz fans. I'm Darren Shaw from Whitespark, and today I want to talk to you about the local search ranking factors. So this is a survey

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04:52 Seomoz.OrgThe State of Local SEO: Industry Insights for a Successful 2019

Posted by MiriamEllis
A thousand thanks to the 1,411 respondents who gave of their time and knowledge in contributing to this major survey! You’ve created a vivid image of what real-life, everyday local search marketers and local business owners are observing on a day-to-day basis, what strategies are working for them right now, and where some frankly stunning opportunities for improvement reside. Now, we’re ready to share your insights into:
Google Updates Citations Reviews Company infrastructure Tool usage And a great deal more... This survey pooled the observations of everyone from people working to market a single small business, to agency marketers with large local business clients:

Respondents who self-selected as not marketing a local business were filtered from further survey results.
Thanks to you,

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18:08 CMSmagazine5 декабря приглашаем вас на конференцию для представителей SEO и бизнеса- DIGITAL Квартирник 2.0

г. Москва, отель "Молодежный" 5 декабря

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11:19 Seomoz.OrgUsing a New Correlation Model to Predict Future Rankings with Page Authority

Posted by rjonesx.
Correlation studies have been a staple of the search engine optimization community for many years. Each time a new study is released, a chorus of naysayers seem to come magically out of the woodwork to remind us of the one thing they remember from high school statistics — that "correlation doesn't mean causation." They are, of course, right in their protestations and, to their credit, and unfortunate number of times it seems that those conducting the correlation studies have forgotten this simple aphorism.

We collect a search result. We then order the results based on different metrics like the number of links. Finally, we compare the orders of the original search results with those produced by the different metrics. The closer they are, the higher the correlation between the two.
That being

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22:37 Seomoz.OrgWhat to Do with Your Old Blog Posts

Posted by -LaurelTaylor-
Around 2005 or so, corporate blogs became the thing to do. Big players in the business world touted that such platforms could “drive swarms of traffic to your main website, generate more product sales” and even “create an additional stream of advertising income” (Entrepreneur Magazine circa 2006). With promises like that, what marketer or exec wouldn’t jump on the blog bandwagon?
Unfortunately, initial forays into branded content did not always dwell on minor issues like “quality” or “entertainment,” instead focusing on sheer bulk and, of course, all the keywords. Now we have learned better, and many corporate blogs are less prolific and offer more value. But on some sites, behind many, many “next page” clicks, this old content can still be found lurking in the background.

This active company blog

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11:15 Seomoz.OrgWhat SEOs Can Learn from AdWords - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by DiTomaso
Organic and paid search aren't always at odds; there are times when there's benefit in knowing how they work together. Taking the time to know the ins and outs of AdWords can improve your rankings and on-site experience. In today's edition of Whiteboard Friday, our fabulous guest host Dana DiTomaso explains how SEOs can improve their game by taking cues from paid search in this Whiteboard Friday.

Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab!
Video Transcription Hi, my name is Dana DiTomaso. I'm President and Partner at Kick Point, and one of the things that we do at Kick Point is we do both SEO and paid. One of the things that's really useful is when SEO and paid work together. But what's even

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11:13 Sostav.ruПочему для бизнеса отметка на карте эффективнее, чем SEO и контекстная реклама

О локальном поиске как об одном из новых трендов digital-маркетинга

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22:48 habrahabr.ruПочему вести контекст на аккаунте клиента — честно и выгодно

Когда я рассказываю коллегам, что у нас нет агентского аккаунта в Директе, на их лицах появляется искреннее недоумение. Думаю, что любой, кто серьезно занимается этим видом рекламы, уже сформулировал минимум три причины, почему делать это без агентского статуса — глупо и невыгодно: Системы контекстной рекламы платят агентствам обратную комиссию. Ее размер рассчитывается в процентном отношении от рекламного бюджета. Чем больше клиент потратит через агентство денег — тем больше прибыль. Делегировать верховную власть над аккаунтом заказчику — опасно: он либо все поломает, либо все потеряет. Клиент с собственным аккаунтом в любой момент может отключить наше замечательное агентство и подключить плохих и нечестных конкурентов. Да и вообще, работать в одном месте удобнее, и все так делают! Спорить с этими доводами я не собираюсь, они справедливы. Но как и в любом сотрудничестве, существует вторая

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09:21 CMSmagazineDigital-прорыв

Компания "Цифровой Элемент" ворвалась в несколько российских рейтингов веб-агентств, занимающихся разработкой, SEO-продвижением, контекстной рекламой

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02:21 Seomoz.OrgAnnouncing the 2018 Local Search Ranking Factors Survey

Posted by Whitespark
It has been another year (and a half) since the last publication of the Local Search Ranking Factors, and local search continues to see significant growth and change. The biggest shift this year is happening in Google My Business signals, but we’re also seeing an increase in the importance of reviews and continued decreases in the importance of citations.

Check out the full survey!
Huge growth in Google My Business Google has been adding features to GMB at an accelerated rate. They see the revenue potential in local, and now that they have properly divorced Google My Business from Google+, they have a clear runway to develop (and monetize) local. Here are just some of the major GMB features that have been released since the publication of the 2017 Local Search Ranking Factors:
Google Posts available to all GMB users Google

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21:48 Sostav.ruНеделя до Optimization: о чем будет главная SEO-конференция года

Участие в мероприятии примут Яндекс, Google, Mail.ru, Ozon.ru, “Чемпионат” и др.

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15:27 CMSmagazineВ штате WebCanape — SEO expert Российского центра сертификации digital-специалистов

Руководитель отдела интернет-маркетинга WebCanape Евгений Чуранов прошел сертификацию Russian Digital Certification, получив статус SEO-эксперта.

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15:37 habrahabr.ru[Из песочницы] Пять причин провала SEO. Анализ неудачного опыта продвижения с примерами

В этом материале я решил попробовать структурировать тот опыт, который накопился за почти 15 лет активной работы с клиентскими проектами. Что-то из перечисленного нашей компании пришлось пережить и осмыслить на своих ошибках, где-то для понимания хватило чужих. Сегодня, когда к нам обращаются за продвижением клиенты, имеющие негативный опыт заказа SEO у других компаний, нас достаточно сложно удивить. Разве что тем, какие причудливые и нелепые внешние формы могут возникать во взаимоотношениях двух компаний, между которыми нет понимания. Причем клиент с негативным опытом — это не редкость и не особый случай. Практически каждый третий заказчик, который к нам обращается, уже может нам много чего рассказать про поисковую оптимизацию, но практически ничего хорошего. И с каждым из них мы начинаем общение с того, чего не делал предыдущий исполнитель: расспрашиваем обо всем, а потом

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11:26 Seomoz.Org3 Empowering Small Business Tips for Today, 2019, and a Better Future

Posted by MiriamEllis
“American business is overwhelmingly small business.” - SBE Council Small businesses have created 61.8% of net new jobs in the US since the early 1990s. Local business is big business. Let’s celebrate this in honor of Small Business Saturday with 3 strategies that will support independent business owners this week, and in the better future that can be attained with the right efforts.
What’s Small Business Saturday? It’s an annual shopping event sponsored by American Express on the Saturday following Thanksgiving with the primary goal of encouraging residents to patronize local merchants. The program was launched in 2010 in response to the Great Recession. By 2017, Small Business Saturday jumped to 7,200 Neighborhood Champions (individuals and groups that organize towns for the event), with 108 million reported participating consumers spending $12

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11:20 Seomoz.OrgYouTube SEO: Top Factors to Invest In - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by randfish
If you have an audience on YouTube, are you doing everything you can to reach them? Inspired by a large-scale study from Justin Briggs, Rand covers the top factors to invest in when it comes to YouTube SEO in this week's episode of Whiteboard Friday.

Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab!
Video Transcription Howdy, Moz fans, and welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. This week we're chatting about YouTube SEO. So I was lucky enough to be speaking at the Search Love Conference down in San Diego a little while ago, and Justin Briggs was there presenting on YouTube SEO and on a very large-scale study that he had conducted with I think it was 100,000 different video rankings

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14:01 CMSmagazineRussian Internet Week: Неделя российского интернета на ВДНХ

С 21 по 23 ноября 2018 года в 75-м павильоне ВДНХ пройдет Неделя российского интернета — программа Russian Internet Week включает более 20 тематических блок-конференций и десятки практических мастер-классов по самым актуальным вопросам: продвижение бренда в сети, SMM, SEO, фото-, видеоконтент и другие digital-тренды.

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12:58 CMSmagazine9 групп факторов, влияющих на ранжирование в 2019 году

Борьба за первые позиции в списках выдачи поисковиков становится все жарче, предлагаем вашему вниманию рассмотреть факторы, которые, по мнению специалистов Q-SEO, станут наиболее влиятельными в наступающем 2019 году.

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11:17 Seomoz.OrgWhat Do You Do When You Lose Organic Traffic to Google SERP Features?

Posted by Emily.Potter
Google’s increasing dominance of their own search engine results pages (SERPs) has kicked up a lot of panic and controversy in the SEO industry. As Barry Adams pointed out on Twitter recently, this move by Google is not exactly new, but it does feel like Google has suddenly placed their foot on the accelerator:
I find it hilarious that SEOs are suddenly annoyed that Google is aggressively taking over some verticals with in-SERP features. They’ve been doing that for years.What do you think the EU antitrust case is about?! Or do you suddenly care because it affects your clients?— Barry Adams (@badams) March 15, 2018 Follow that Twitter thread and you’ll see the sort of back-and-forth these changes have started to create. Is this an ethical move by Google? Did you deserve the business they're taking in the first place? Will SEO soon be dead? Or can we

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20:03 habrahabr.ruКак настроить установку переменных окружения Nuxt.js в рантайме, или Как сделать всё не как все и не пожалеть

() предыдущем раунде битвы с этим фреймворком они показали, как запустить проект на Nuxt так, чтобы все были счастливы. В новой статье поговорим о реальном применении фреймворка. Мы начали переписывать проект с огромным техническим долгом. Месячная аудитория составляла 6-7 млн. уникальных посетителей, но существующая платформа доставляла слишком много проблем. Поэтому было решено отправить ее на пенсию. Само собой, производительность была нашим наибольшим опасением, но также не хотелось просесть по SEO. После пары раундов обсуждения решили не полагаться на традиционный подход с только серверным рендерингом — но и не загонять себя в ловушку клиентского рендеринга. Как итог мы начали строить решение на базе Nuxt.js. Читать дальше →

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11:17 Seomoz.OrgThe Advanced Guide to Keyword Clustering

Posted by tomcasano
If your goal is to grow your organic traffic, you have to think about SEO in terms of “product/market fit.”
Keyword research is the “market” (what users are actually searching for) and content is the “product” (what users are consuming). The “fit” is optimization.

To grow your organic traffic, you need your content to mirror the reality of what users are actually searching for. Your content planning and creation, keyword mapping, and optimization should all align with the market. This is one of the best ways to grow your organic traffic.
Why bother with keyword grouping? One web page can rank for multiple keywords. So why aren’t we hyper-focused on planning and optimizing content that targets dozens of similar and related keywords?
Why target only one keyword with one piece of content when you can target

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11:17 Seomoz.OrgThe Difference Between URL Structure and Information Architecture - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by willcritchlow
Questions about URL structure and information architecture are easy to get confused, but it's an important distinction to maintain. IA tends to be more impactful than URL decisions alone, but advice given around IA often defaults to suggestions on how to best structure your URLs. In this Whiteboard Friday, Will Critchlow helps us distinguish between the two disparate topics and shares some guiding questions to ask about each.

Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab!
Video Transcription Hi, everyone. Welcome to a British Whiteboard Friday. My name is Will Critchlow. I'm one of the founders of Distilled, and I wanted to go back to some basics today. I wanted to cover a little bit of the

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11:22 Seomoz.OrgWhat the Local Customer Service Ecosystem Looks Like in 2019

Posted by MiriamEllis
Everything your brand does in the new year should support just one goal: better local customer service.
Does this sound too simple? Doesn’t marketing brim with a thousand different tasks? Of course — but if the goal of each initiative isn’t to serve the customer better, it’s time for a change of business heart. By putting customers, and their problems, at the absolute center of your brand’s strategy, your enterprise will continuously return to this heart of the matter, this heart of commerce.
What is local customer service in 2019? It’s so much more than the face-to-face interactions of one staffer with one shopper. Rather, it’s a commitment to becoming an always-on resource that is accessible to people whenever, wherever and however they need it. A Google rep was recently quoted as saying that 46% of searches have a local intent. Mobile search,

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10:28 Seomoz.OrgHow Do Sessions Work in Google Analytics? - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by Tom.Capper
One of these sessions is not like the other. Google Analytics data is used to support tons of important work, ranging from our everyday marketing reporting all the way to investment decisions. To that end, it's integral that we're aware of just how that data works.
In this week's edition of Whiteboard Friday, we welcome Tom Capper to explain how the sessions metric in Google Analytics works, several ways that it can have unexpected results, and as a bonus, how sessions affect the time on page metric (and why you should rethink using time on page for reporting).

Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab!
Video Transcription Hello, Moz fans, and welcome to another edition of Whiteboard

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10:25 Seomoz.OrgBuilding Links with Great Content - Natural Syndication Networks

Posted by KristinTynski
The debate is over and the results are clear: the best way to improve domain authority is to generate large numbers of earned links from high-authority publishers.
Getting these links is not possible via:
Link exchangesBuying linksPrivate Blog Networks, or PBNsComment linksPaid native content or sponsored postsAny other method you may have encountered There is no shortcut. The only way to earn these links is by creating content that is so interesting, relevant, and newsworthy to a publisher’s audience that the publisher will want to write about that content themselves.
Success, then, is predicated on doing three things extremely well:

Developing newsworthy content (typically meaning that content is data-driven)Understanding who to pitch for the best opportunity at success and natural syndicationWriting and sending pitches

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10:09 Seomoz.OrgLog File Analysis 101 - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by BritneyMuller
Log file analysis can provide some of the most detailed insights about what Googlebot is doing on your site, but it can be an intimidating subject. In this week's Whiteboard Friday, Britney Muller breaks down log file analysis to make it a little more accessible to SEOs everywhere.

Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab!
Video Transcription Hey, Moz fans. Welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. Today we're going over all things log file analysis, which is so incredibly important because it really tells you the ins and outs of what Googlebot is doing on your sites.
So I'm going to walk you through the three primary areas, the first being the types of logs that you might

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10:12 Seomoz.OrgCan You Still Use Infographics to Build Links?

Posted by DarrenKingman
Content link building: Are infographics still the highest ROI format? Fun fact: the first article to appear online proclaiming that "infographics are dead" appeared in 2011. Yet, here we are.
For those of you looking for a quick answer to this strategy-defining question, infographics aren’t as popular as they were between 2014 and 2015. Although they were the best format for generating links, popular publications aren’t using them as often as they used to, as evidenced in this research. However, they are still being used daily and gaining amazing placements and links for their creators — and the data shows, they are already more popular in 2018 than they were in 2013.
However, if there’s one format you want to be working with, use surveys.
Note: I am at the mercy of the publication I’ve reviewed as to what constitutes their definition of

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21:17 habrahabr.ruСравнительный и подробный анализ плагинов кеширования для WordPress

Плагинов кеширования много с большим набором параметров и функций – без тщательного анализа невозможно сделать грамотный выбор. Полистав интернет, не нашел реально нормальных сравнений. Есть только посты исключительно для привлечения внимания – описания плагинов. Обычное дело — SEO пульсы, так сказать. Видел даже попытку сравнительного анализа трех плагинов, но дальше замера скорости загрузки через онлайн сервис больше ничего приведено не было. А как внутри все устроено, на что влияют оптимизации – не сказано. Ведь каждый сайт индивидуален – все равно нужна тонкая подстройка – необходимо понимать принцип работы для оптимального выбора. Данная статья создана одновременно с созданием материала, акцент в котором сделан на использование результатов анализа. Здесь же я хочу поделиться больше деталями и методикой этого анализа с искушенными людьми и братьями по цеху. Читать дальше →

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10:26 Seomoz.OrgThe Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Taking Full Control of Your Google Knowledge Panels

Posted by MiriamEllis
They say you can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip, but when the turnip (and your biggest potential competitor) is Google, the lifeblood of the local business locations you market could depend on knowing where to take control.
As Google acts to confine ever-more stages of the local consumer journey within their own interface, local enterprises need to assume as much control as possible over the aspects of the Google Knowledge Panel that they can directly or indirectly influence.
This cheat sheet is your fast track to squeezing the most you can out of what Google is still offering.
How Google changed from local business benefactor to competitor It may not come naturally, at first, to think of Google as a competitor. For many years in the local space, their offering of significant free screen real estate to any eligible local enterprise was like

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10:18 Seomoz.OrgHow to Get More Keyword Metrics for Your Target Keywords

Posted by Bill.Sebald
If you’re old in SEO years, you remember the day [not provided] was introduced. It was a dark, dark day. SEOs lost a vast amount of trusty information. Click data. Conversion data. This was incredibly valuable, allowing SEOs to prioritize their targets.
Google said the info was removed for security purposes, while suspicious SEOs thought this was a push towards spending more on AdWords (now Google Ads). I get it — since AdWords would give you the keyword data SEOs cherished, the “controversy” was warranted, in my opinion. The truth is out there.
But we’ve moved on, and learned to live with the situation. Then a few years later, Google Webmaster Tools (now Search Console) started providing some of the keyword data in the Search Analytics report. Through the years, the report got better and better.
But there’s still a finite set of keywords in

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17:38 habrahabr.ru[Подборка] Разработка, дизайн и продвижение сайтов: 17 полезных материалов

Создать качественный сайт, который привлечет пользователей продуманным интерфейсом и красивым дизайном – непростая задача, с которой не справляется огромное количество компаний. Я собрала полезные ссылки, которые помогут пройти этот путь и не совершить необязательные ошибки. Читать дальше →

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10:10 Seomoz.OrgOvercoming Blockers: How to Build Your Red Tape Toolkit - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by HeatherPhysioc
Have you ever made SEO recommendations that just don't go anywhere? Maybe you run into a lack of budget, or you can't get buy-in from your boss or colleagues. Maybe your work just keeps getting deprioritized in favor of other initiatives. Whatever the case, it's important to set yourself up for success when it comes to the tangled web of red tape that's part and parcel of most organizations.
In this week's Whiteboard Friday, Heather Physioc shares her tried-and-true methods for building yourself a toolkit that'll help you tear through roadblocks and bureaucracy to get your work implemented.

Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab!
Video Transcription What up, Moz fans? This is

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19:28 CMSWire.comHow to Ensure Your SEO Plan Is Put Into Action

All too often SEO recommendations end up in a desk drawer, never to be implemented. Here's how to make sure they see the light of day.

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15:24 CMSWire.comWhy SEO Efforts So Often Fall Short

The best laid plans won't work if they never get implemented. And so it goes with your SEO strategy. Part 1 of 2.

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18:47 CMSWire.comWhy SEO Efforts So Often Fall Short

The best laid plans won't work if they never get implemented. And so it goes with your SEO strategy. Part 1 of 2.

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15:38 CMSmagazineSEO на субподряде — чиним телефон и вправляем мозги

Субподряд бывает разный. Наши сейлзы, аккаунты и проджекты рассуждают о странностях и узких местах проектов в "проблемном" субподряде. А что проще сделать это на примере SEO-проектов?

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15:05 Lenta.ruПопытки вернуть деньги из «Кэшбери» оказались опасными

После того, как «Кэшбери» остановила свою деятельность, активизировались мошенники. Речь идет о «псевдоюристах», которые обещают вернуть деньги и создают видимость работы. Помимо этого, при запросе «Кэшбери» контекстная реклама выдает новые финансовые пирамиды, которые работают по той же схеме.

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10:26 Seomoz.Org5 Ways We Improved User Experience and Organic Reach on the New Moz Help Hub

Posted by jocameron
We’re proud to announce that we recently launched our brand-new Help Hub! This is the section of our site where we store all our guides and articles on how to use Moz Pro, Moz Local, and our research tools like Link Explorer.
Our Help Hub contains in-depth guides, quick and easy FAQs, and some amazing videos like this one. The old Help Hub served us very well over the years, but with time it became a bit dusty and increasingly difficult to update, in addition to looking a bit old and shabby. So we set out to rebuild it from scratch, and we’re already seeing some exciting changes in the search results — which will impact the way people self-serve when they need help using our tools.
I’m going to take you through 5 ways we improved the accessibility and reach of the Help Hub with our redesign. If you write software guides, work in customer

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10:27 Seomoz.OrgHow to Create a Local Marketing Results Dashboard in Google Data Studio - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by DiTomaso
Showing clients that you're making them money is one of the most important things you can communicate to them, but it's tough to know how to present your results in a way they can easily understand. That's where Google Data Studio comes in. In this week's edition of Whiteboard Friday, our friend Dana DiTomaso shares how to create a client-friendly local marketing results dashboard in Google Data Studio from start to finish.

Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab!
Video Transcription Hi, Moz fans. My name is Dana DiTomaso. I'm President and partner of Kick Point. We're a digital marketing agency way up in the frozen north of Edmonton, Alberta. We work with a lot of local businesses, both in

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10:16 Seomoz.OrgWhy We're Doubling Down on the Future of SEO - Moz + STAT

Posted by Dr-Pete
Search is changing. As a 200-person search marketing software company, this isn't just a pithy intro – it's a daily threat to our survival. Being an organic search marketer can be frustrating when even a search like "What is SEO?" returns something like this...

...or this...

...or even this...

So, why don't we just give up on search marketing altogether? If I had to pick just one answer, it's this – because search still drives the lion's share of targeted, relevant traffic to business websites (and Google drives the vast majority of that traffic, at least in the US, Canada, Australia, and Western Europe).
We have to do everything better The answer isn't to give up – it's to recognize all of this new complexity, study it, and do our jobs better. Earlier this year, for

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16:30 Seomoz.OrgMoz Acquires STAT Search Analytics: We're Better Together!

Posted by SarahBird
We couldn't be more thrilled to announce that Moz has acquired STAT Search Analytics!
It’s not hard to figure out why, right? We both share a vision around creating search solutions that will change the industry. We're both passionate about investing in our customers’ success. Together we provide a massive breadth of high-quality, actionable data and insights for marketers. Combining Moz’s SEO research tools and local search expertise with STAT’s daily localized rankings and SERP analytics, we have the most robust organic search solution in the industry.
I recently sat down with my friend Rob Bucci, our new VP of Research & Development and most recently the CEO of STAT, to talk about how this came to be and what to expect next. Check it out:

You can also

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14:16 Seomoz.OrgThe SEO Cyborg: How to Resonate with Users & Make Sense to Search Bots

Posted by alexis-sanders
SEO is about understanding how search bots and users react to an online experience. As search professionals, we’re required to bridge gaps between online experiences, search engine bots, and users. We need to know where to insert ourselves (or our teams) to ensure the best experience for both users and bots. In other words, we strive for experiences that resonate with humans and make sense to search engine bots.
This article seeks to answer the following questions:
How do we drive sustainable growth for our clients? What are the building blocks of an organic search strategy? What is the SEO cyborg? A cyborg (or cybernetic organism) is defined as “a being with both organic andbiomechatronic body parts, whose physical abilities are extended beyond normal human limitations by mechanical elements.”
With the ability to relate between humans,

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00:43 Seomoz.OrgRewriting the Beginner's Guide to SEO, Chapter 5: Technical Optimization

Posted by BritneyMuller
After a short break, we're back to share our working draft of Chapter 5 of the Beginner's Guide to SEO with you! This one was a whopper, and we're really looking forward to your input. Giving beginner SEOs a solid grasp of just what technical optimization for SEO is and why it matters — without overwhelming them or scaring them off the subject — is a tall order indeed. We'd love to hear what you think: did we miss anything you think is important for beginners to know? Leave us your feedback in the comments!
And in case you're curious, check back on our outline, Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, and Chapter Four to see what we've covered so far.
Chapter 5: Technical Optimization Basic technical knowledge will help you optimize your site for search engines and establish credibility with developers. Now that you’ve crafted valuable content

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15:02 Techcrunch.ComRankScience closes $1.8M seed — and now only wants to replace human SEO staff if you don’t have any

A couple of years ago YC-backed RankScience, which offers AI-enhanced SEO split-testing, put a few SEO experts’ noses out of joint when the fledgling startup brashly talked about replacing human expertise with automation. Two years on its pitch has mellowed, with the team saying their self-service platform is “augmenting human SEO ability rather than replacing […]

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18:30 habrahabr.ruОбновление подхода к контекстной рекламе: Турбо-страницы Яндекс.Директ

Если вы продаете товары и услуги в интернете, а до адаптивной версии сайта руки пока не дошли, логичный выход из положения — Турбо-страницы Яндекс.Директа. Полноценный и легкий лендинг решает проблему потери мобильного трафика и выводит вашу рекламу на новый уровень. Как настроить страницу расскажем в статье. Читать дальше →

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10:12 Seomoz.OrgFaceted Navigation Intro - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by sergeystefoglo
The topic of faceted navigation is bound to come up at some point in your SEO career. It's a common solution to product filtering for e-commerce sites, but managing it on the SEO side can quickly spin out of control with the potential to cause indexing bloat and crawl errors. In this week's Whiteboard Friday, we welcome our friend Sergey Stefoglo to give us a quick refresher on just what faceted nav is and why it matters, then dive into a few key solutions that can help you tame it.

Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab!
Video Transcription Hey, Moz fans. My name is Serge. I'm from Distilled. I work at the Seattle office as a consultant. For those of you that don't know about

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17:11 CMSmagazineOptimization 2018: обсуждаем SEO с Яндексом и Google

26-27 ноября в Сколково пройдет Optimization 2018 - главная SEO-конференция в России. Первый день будет полностью посвящен докладам представителей Яндекса, Google, Mail.Ru Group и общению. Известно, что от Google выступит Юрий Долженко, который расскажет о Google Assistant и о развитии поисковой экосистемы.

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16:07 CMSmagazineУтро вечера мудренее или кто рано встает того и тапки.

Полностью готовый к продвижению сайт с индивидуальным адаптивным дизайном и тех.поддержкой на год со скидкой 15% от 14700 рублей.

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10:11 Seomoz.OrgA Slice of MozCon Magic: The 2018 Video Bundle is HERE!

Posted by HayleyBowyer
Your tweets haven't gone unnoticed — we know the MozCon #FOMO is very real. Many of you would be there in a second if it weren’t for busy schedules and pesky back-to-back meetings. So, while you're hard at work, we’re here to make one thing easy: providing you with the insights you need whenever you need them.
Yes, that’s right — the MozCon 2018 Video Bundle is here and we can’t wait share it with you!
Ready to dive in? Feel free to skip straight to the fun part!

Buy the MozCon 2018 Video Bundle
Did you attend MozCon 2018? You’re in luck! The full video bundle is included with your ticket price. Check your inbox for an email with a link to exclusive video access. Can’t find it? Email us — we're happy to help!
If you weren’t able to make it, MozCon 2018 was awesome, to say the least. I’m not just saying that because I want to see

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19:04 habrahabr.ruТеневые профили пользователей: рекламщики в Фейсбуке найдут вас даже по непубличному номеру телефона

Четыре дня назад на Хабре очень много шума наделала статья "Наши с вами персональные данные ничего не стоят". А знаете ли вы, что это только вершина айсберга, и что в действительности все гораздо хуже? Что скажете, если у ваших недругов окажется не только ваши паспортные данные, но и список ваших покупок в аптеке или в магазине «для взрослых», который они добудут, перенаправив вас на подконтрольный сайт через персонализированное рекламное объявление? Интересные подробности о системе таргетинговой и контекстной рекламы в Facebook выяснили исследователи из Бостонского университета и Принстона. Оказывается, рекламным агентства способны доставить персонализированную рекламу конкретному пользователю сети Facebook, используя его контактные данные, даже если тот не размещал их в самом профиле. Кашмир Хилл, журналистка портала Gizmodo, пишет: На прошлой неделе я запустила объявление в Facebook,

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10:28 Seomoz.OrgSurprising SEO A/B Test Results - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by willcritchlow
You can make all the tweaks and changes in the world, but how do you know they're the best choice for the site you're working on? Without data to support your hypotheses, it's hard to say. In this week's edition of Whiteboard Friday, Will Critchlow explains a bit about what A/B testing for SEO entails and describes some of the surprising results he's seen that prove you can't always trust your instinct in our industry.

Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab!
Video Transcription Hi, everyone. Welcome to another British Whiteboard Friday. My name is Will Critchlow. I'm the founder and CEO at Distilled. At Distilled, one of the things that we've been working on recently is building an

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19:45 CMSmagazine Тестируем "Тест с прокторингом" – новый новый формат сертификации специалистов Яндекс.Директ

18 сентября Яндекс.Директ ввел новый формат получения сертификата для специалистов – тестирование с прокторингом.

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19:00 CMSmagazineСкидки для участников SEO-курса Алексея Волкова

С 27 сентября начинаются занятия на курсе по SEO Алексея Волкова. Третий поток. Как говорится, программа улучшенная и обновленная.

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00:35 Seomoz.OrgThe E-Commerce Benchmark KPI Study: The Most Valuable Online Consumer Trend of 2018 Revealed

Posted by Alan_Coleman
The latest Wolfgang E-Commerce Report is now live. This study gives a comprehensive view of the state of digital marketing in retail and travel, allowing digital marketers to benchmark their 2018 performance and plan their 2019 strategy.
The study analyzes over 250 million website sessions and more than €500 million in online revenue. Google Analytics, new Facebook Analytics reports, and online surveys are used to glean insights.
Revenue volume correlations One of the unique features of the study is its conversion correlation. All website metrics featured in the study are correlated with conversion success to reveal what the most successful websites do differently.
This year we've uncovered our strongest success correlation ever at 0.67! Just to give that figure context: normally, 0.2 is worth talking about and 0.3 is noteworthy. Not only

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18:41 CMSmagazineСравниваем предложения по SEO

Специалисты AREALIDEA рассказывают как, анализируя коммерческое предложение, выбрать подрядчика на продвижение.

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16:14 habrahabr.ruКак заработать на хостерах

Когда я писал свой проект Поиск VPS, то не сильно задумывался о его монетизации. В голове летали только стандартные мысли — повесить Яндекс.Директ или Google AdWords. До того момента я, естественно, знал о партнерских программах хостеров, но не думал, что на них можно много заработать: все-таки программа предполагает, что пользователь будет приводить своих друзей, количество которых у всех ограничено. — Сделать миллион узелков было еще труднее! Читать дальше →

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14:35 habrahabr.ruAngular и SEO: как их подружить?

Несмотря на заявления Google и Яндекс о поддержке поисковыми ботами парсинга сайтов SPA, надеяться на нормальную индексацию не стоит — у поисковых ботов мало ресурсов, ваше приложение должно максимально быстро отрабатывать, иначе, вам либо порежут рейтинг, либо не спарсят страницу, так же бот может не дождаться отработки всех ваших скриптов… (исследование Google bot)
Мой маленький проект для исследования технологий — изменение посещаемости, после перехода на Server Side Rendering (SSR)
Как настроить Angular и готовые примеры ниже подкатом.
Читать дальше →

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16:02 habrahabr.ru[Перевод] 10 перспективных поисковых роботов для улучшения SEO

Поисковая оптимизация — это непрерывный процесс улучшений, существует множество онлайн-инструментов для анализа вашего сайта и предоставления необходимой информации, с которых хорошо начинать этот процесс. Однако, если вам необходимо более детально изучить различные элементы SEO, тогда стоит рассмотреть возможность использования более продвинутых, комплексных инструментов. Читать дальше →

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12:36 CMSmagazineСтартовал сбор заявок на участие в рейтинге "Известность бренда SEO-компаний 2018"

SEOnews в одиннадцатый раз запускает рейтинг "Известность бренда SEO-компаний"! За предыдущие годы его участниками уже стали сотни интернет-агентств – приглашаем и вас присоединиться и подать заявку на участие. Для этого заполните форму на сайте SEOnews в период с 20 сентября по 22 октября. Участие в рейтинге бесплатное.

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10:11 Seomoz.OrgSpectator to Partner: Turn Your Clients into SEO Allies - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by KameronJenkins
Are your clients your allies in SEO, or are they passive spectators? Could they even be inadvertently working against you? A better understanding of expectations, goals, and strategy by everyone involved can improve your client relations, provide extra clarity, and reduce the number of times you're asked to "just SEO a site." In today's Whiteboard Friday, Kameron Jenkins outlines tactics you should know for getting clients and bosses excited about the SEO journey, as well as the risks involved in passivity.

Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab!
Video Transcription Hey, everyone, and welcome to this week's edition of Whiteboard Friday. I am Kameron Jenkins, and I'm the SEO Wordsmith

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20:52 Seomoz.OrgHow to Improve Your Link Building Outreach Pipeline

Posted by John.Michael123
Link building is probably one of the most challenging pieces of your SEO efforts. Add multiple clients to the mix, and managing the link outreach process gets even tricker. When you’re in the thick of several outreach campaigns, it’s hard to know where to focus your efforts and which tactics will bring you the most return on your time and resources.
Three common questions are critical to understand at any point in your link campaign:
Do you need more link prospects? Do you need to revise your email templates? Do you need to follow up with prospects? Without a proven way to analyze these questions, your link building efforts won’t be as efficient as they could be.
We put together a Google Sheets template to help you better manage your link building campaigns. The beauty of this template is that it allows for customization to better fit

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09:30 habrahabr.ruReact и SEO: как их подружить?

Как известно, поисковая оптимизация одностраничных приложений задача непростая и решение ее может потребовать значительных затрат труда, особых умений от разработчиков и финансовых затрат от заказчика. Какие же решения предлагает сообщество, чтобы, по возможности быстро и с минимальными затратами, сделать React веб-сайт дружественным к поисковым серверам? Читать дальше →

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10:51 Sostav.ruOptimization-2018: Как разобраться в SEO за 2 дня, если ты маркетолог?

SEO-конференция с участием Яндекса, Google и Mail.ru Group пройдёт 26-27 ноября в Сколково

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10:18 Seomoz.OrgFollow the Local SEO Leaders: A Guide to Our Industry’s Best Publications

Posted by MiriamEllis

Change is the only constant in local SEO. As your local brand or local search marketing agency grows, you’ll be onboarding new hires. Whether they’re novices or adepts, they’ll need to keep up with continuous industry developments in order to make agile contributions to team strategy. Particularly if local SEO is new to someone, it saves training time if you can fast-track them on who to follow for the best news and analysis. This guide serves as a blueprint for that very purpose.
And even if you’re an old hand in the local SEM industry, you may find some sources here you’ve been overlooking that could add richness and depth to your ongoing education.
Two quick notes on what and how I’ve chosen:

As the author of both of Moz’s newsletters (the Moz Top 10 and the Moz Local Top 7), I read an inordinate amount of SEO and local SEO

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20:33 habrahabr.ru[Из песочницы] Как победить скликивание в Я. Директ и AdWords на 600 тысяч рублей в месяц

За последние полгода нам удалось победить «скликивание» нашей контекстной рекламы с бюджетом в 1 миллион рублей в месяц. Ключом победы над фродом стал поминутный мониторинг трафика с уведомлениями об аномальных изменениях и отключением проблемных объявлений по API, и ряд отчётов, которые отражают ситуацию в реальном времени. Рисунок 1. Диаграмма количества посетителей по ключевым словам по декаминутам Как узнать, что вас атакуют? Одним из первых признаков «скликивания» рекламы будет увеличение процента возвращаемых средств за фрод в Директе и AdWords. «В Яндекс Директ расходы на фрод автоматически возвращаются на баланс рекламной кампании. Количество кликов, отсеянных системой защиты от фрода, отображается в отчетах «статистика по дням» «общая статистика» в строке «недействительные клики за весь выбранный период.» – справка Я. Директа «недействительных кликах». В AdWords

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10:21 Seomoz.OrgSEO Maturity: Evaluating Client Capabilities - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by HeatherPhysioc
Clients aren't always knowledgeable about SEO. That lack of understanding can result in roadblocks and delay the work you're trying to accomplish, but knowing your client's level of SEO maturity can help. In today's Whiteboard Friday, we welcome the brilliant Heather Physioc to expound upon the maturity models she's developed to help you diagnose your client's search maturity and remove blockers to your success.

Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab!
Video Transcription What up, Moz fans? My name is Heather Physioc. I'm Director of the Discoverability Group at VML. We are in Kansas City. Global ad agency headquartered right in the middle of the map.
Today we're going to talk

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10:17 Seomoz.OrgLocal Business Transparency & Empathy for the Holidays: Tips + Downloadable Checklist

Posted by MiriamEllis
Your local business will invest its all in stocking shelves and menus with the right goods and services in advance of the 2018 holiday season, but does your inventory include the on-and-offline experiences consumers say they want most?
Right now, a potential patron near you is having an experience that will inform their decision of whether to do business with you at year’s end, and their takeaway is largely hinging on two things: your brand’s transparency and empathy.
An excellent SproutSocial survey of 1,000 consumers found that people define transparency as being:
Open (59%) Clear (53%) Honest (49%) Meanwhile, after a trying year of fake news, bad news, and privacy breaches, Americans could certainly use some empathy from brands that respect their rights, needs, aspirations, and time.
Today, let’s explore how your local brand can gift

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10:12 Seomoz.OrgVisualizing Time: A Project Management How-To Using Google Sheets

Posted by R0bin_L0rd
The short version of this post: Project management is a vital part of our job as marketers, but planning and visualizing projects over time is hard, so I’ve created a set of Google Sheets to make that work easier for you.
I’ve found this system helpful in a number of ways, so I’m sharing my templates here in case it’ll make your day a bit shorter. I’ll start off with a brief overview of what the sheets do, but in the latter section of this post I’ll also go into greater depth about how they work so you can change them to suit your own needs.
If you’d like to skip this post and get straight to the templates, you can access them here (but I’d recommend reading a bit about how they work first):
Planner Version (everything you need to know, plus Gantts) Stakeholder Version (a cleaner version for bosses, clients, or people doing the work but not

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11:11 habrahabr.ru[Из песочницы] Использование slots во Vue на примере сниппета товара

При работе с проектами где не используется SSR (Server Side Rendering) или внедрение его невозможно, возникает проблема, что некоторые функции или логика пишутся два раза для статических элементов которые распечатывает backend и для компонентов которые рендерит Vue. К примеру нам нужно реализовать компонент сниппета товара у которого есть ряд требований: Его можно распечатать статично с бекенда со всей нужной информацией для SEO и логики Его можно использовать как обычный компонент Vue, передавая параметры через v-bind, навешивая события click и т.д. Он должен отображать актуальное состояние кнопки купить После нажатия на кнопку «Купить», должен появится прелоудер ожидающий статус корзины Читать дальше

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10:17 Seomoz.OrgSEO "Dinosaur" Tactics That You Should Retire - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by randfish
It's tough to admit it, but many of us still practice outdated SEO tactics in the belief that they still have a great deal of positive influence. In this week's Whiteboard Friday, Rand gently sets us straight and offers up a series of replacement activities that will go much farther toward moving the needle. Share your own tips and favorites in the comments!

Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab!
Video Transcription Howdy, Moz fans, and welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. This week we're going to go back in time to the prehistoric era and talk about a bunch of "dinosaur" tactics, things that SEOs still do, many of us still do, and we probably shouldn't.
We need to replace

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10:31 Seomoz.OrgHow We More than Doubled Conversions & Leads for a New ICO [Case Study]

Posted by jkuria
Summary We helped Repux generate 253% more leads, nearly 100% more token sales and millions of dollars in incremental revenue during their initial coin offering (ICO) by using our CRO expertise.
The optimized site also helped them get meetings with some of the biggest names in the venture capital community — a big feat for a Poland-based team without the pedigree typically required (no MIT, Stanford, Ivy League, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft background).
The details: Repux is a marketplace that lets small and medium businesses sell anonymized data to developers. The developers use the data to build “artificially intelligent” apps, which they then sell back to businesses. Business owners and managers use the apps to make better business decisions.
Below is the original page, which linked to a dense whitepaper. We don’t know who decided that

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10:13 Seomoz.OrgInternal Linking & Mobile First: Large Site Crawl Paths in 2018 & Beyond

Posted by Tom.Capper
By now, you’ve probably heard as much as you can bear about mobile first indexing. For me, there’s been one topic that’s been conspicuously missing from all this discussion, though, and that’s the impact on internal linking and previous internal linking best practices.
In the past, there have been a few popular methods for providing crawl paths for search engines — bulky main navigations, HTML sitemap-style pages that exist purely for internal linking, or blocks of links at the bottom of indexed pages. Larger sites have typically used at least two or often three of these methods. I’ll explain in this post why all of these are now looking pretty shaky, and what I suggest you do about it.
Quick refresher: WTF are “internal linking” & “mobile-first,” Tom? Internal linking is and always has been a vital component of SEO — it’s easy to forget in all

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10:07 Seomoz.OrgBuilding Better Customer Experiences - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by DiTomaso
Are you mindful of your customer's experience after they become a lead? It's easy to fall in the same old rut of newsletters, invoices, and sales emails, but for a truly exceptional customer experience that improves their retention and love for your brand, you need to go above and beyond. In this week's episode of Whiteboard Friday, the ever-insightful Dana DiTomaso shares three big things you can start doing today that will immensely better your customer experience and make earning those leads worthwhile.

Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab!
Video Transcription Hi, Moz fans. My name is Dana DiTomaso. I'm the President and partner of Kick Point, and today I'm going to talk to you

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10:06 Sostav.ruКейс Nimax: рекламная кампания для производителя anti-age подушек

Как поднять продажи с помощью таргетированной и контекстной рекламы

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16:52 CMSmagazineЭксперты Ingate рассказали о том, как бороться за клиента

28 августа состоялся бесплатный вебинар Ingate, посвященный трендам поисковой оптимизации. Слушатели узнали, какие еще изменения нужно внести на сайт, чтобы увеличить трафик и число продаж.

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10:16 Seomoz.OrgThe Long-Term Link Acquisition Value of Content Marketing

Posted by KristinTynski

Recently, new internal analysis of our work here at Fractl has yielded a fascinating finding:
Content marketing that generates mainstream press is likely 2X as effective as originally thought. Additionally, the long-term ROI is potentially many times higher than previously reported. I’ll caveat that by saying this applies only to content that can generate mainstream press attention. At Fractl, this is our primary focus as a content marketing agency. Our team, our process, and our research are all structured around figuring out ways to maximize the newsworthiness and promotional success of the content we create on behalf of our clients. Though data-driven content marketing paired with digital PR is on the rise, there is still a general lack of understanding around the long-term value of any individual content execution. In

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01:52 Seomoz.OrgA Quarter-Million Reasons to Use Moz's Link Intersect Tool

Posted by rjonesx.
Let me tell you a story.
It begins with me in a hotel room halfway across the country, trying to figure out how I'm going to land a contract from a fantastic new lead, worth annually $250,000. We weren't in over our heads by any measure, but the potential client was definitely looking at what most would call "enterprise" solutions and we weren't exactly "enterprise."
Could we meet their needs? Hell yes we could — better than our enterprise competitors — but there's a saying that "no one ever got fired for hiring IBM"; in other words, it's always safe to go with the big guys. We weren't an IBM, so I knew that by reputation alone we were in trouble. The RFP was dense, but like most SEO gigs, there wasn't much in the way of opportunity to really differentiate ourselves from our competitors. It would be another "anything they can do, we can do better"

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13:44 habrahabr.ruМини-лайфхаки по работе с Яндекс.Директ

Я работаю с контекстной рекламой достаточно давно. И ещё веду курсы для новичков по работе с Я.Директ. Некоторым из них повседневные приёмы кажутся крутыми «фишками». Возникла идея поделиться некоторыми из них в этой короткой статье. Читать дальше →

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11:57 habrahabr.ruХакер нашёл способ следить за посетителями сайтов конкурентов

Простой скрипт изменяет поведение кнопки Back в браузере и подменяет исходную поисковую выдачу, направляя пользователей на контролируемые хакером копии сайтов конкурентов Распространённый паттерн: открыть страницу поиска в Google и щёлкать по разным результатам в поисках нужной информации. Можно открыть десятки отдельных вкладок или ходить на каждый сайт по очереди, возвращаясь затем на поисковую выдачу (кнопка в браузере). Специалист по поисковой оптимизации Дэн Петрович из австралийской компании Dejan Marketing придумал, как эксплуатировать этот паттерн с выгодой для себя и получить обширную статистику посещений сайтов конкурентов, лишив их трафика. Схема показана на иллюстрации вверху. Перехватывая трафик конкурентов, специалист получает возможность: генерировать теплокарты чужих сайтов (клики, переходы, глубина прокрутки) записывать реальные сессии (движения мыши, нажатия клавиатуры)

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11:45 CMSmagazine Мнение: Почему SEO в современном виде — это зло?!

Лично моё мнение, что всё так называемое seo сегодня - это одни мошенники у которых изначально нет цели сделать Ваш магазин лучше, у них цель - вешать лапшу на уши и тянуть с Вас деньги.

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10:22 Seomoz.OrgSEO Negotiation: How to Ace the Business Side of SEO - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by BritneyMuller
SEO isn't all meta tags and content. A huge part of the success you'll see is tied up in the inevitable business negotiations. In this week's Whiteboard Friday, our resident expert Britney Muller walks us through a bevy of smart tips and considerations that will strengthen your SEO negotiation skills, whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie to the practice.

Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab!
Video Transcription Hey, Moz fans. Welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. So today we are going over all things SEO negotiation, so starting to get into some of the business side of SEO. As most of you know, negotiation is all about leverage.

It's what you have to

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10:21 Seomoz.OrgNEW On-Demand Crawl: Quick Insights for Sales, Prospecting, & Competitive Analysis

Posted by Dr-Pete
In June of 2017, Moz launched our entirely rebuilt Site Crawl, helping you dive deep into crawl issues and technical SEO problems, fix those issues in your Moz Pro Campaigns (tracked websites), and monitor weekly for new issues. Many times, though, you need quick insights outside of a Campaign context, whether you're analyzing a prospect site before a sales call or trying to assess the competition.
For years, Moz had a lab tool called Crawl Test. The bad news is that Crawl Test never made it to prime-time and suffered from some neglect. The good news is that I'm happy to announce the full launch (as of August 2018) of On-Demand Crawl, an entirely new crawl tool built on the engine that powers Site Crawl, but with a UI designed around quick insights for prospecting and competitive analysis.
While you don’t need a Campaign to run a crawl, you do need to be logged into your Moz Pro subscription. If you don’t have a

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13:51 CMSmagazineБитва за клиента: новое оружие для Вашего SEO

28 августа пройдет бесплатный вебинар Ingate, посвященный трендам поисковой оптимизации. Вы узнаете, какие еще изменения нужно внести на сайт, чтобы увеличить трафик и число продаж.

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12:22 ЭкспертОтличия и особенности продвижения в поисковых системах сайтов различной тематики

Стратегия продвижения сайта в значительной степени определяется тематикой, которой он посвящен, и особенностями товаров, предлагаемых заказчиком. Необходимо это принимать во внимание уже на первой стадии раскрутки интернет-ресурса и составлять семантическое ядро с учетом направления деятельности.

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10:14 Seomoz.OrgDo You Need Local Pages? - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by Tom.Capper
Does it make sense for you to create local-specific pages on your website? Regardless of whether you own or market a local business, it may make sense to compete for space in the organic SERPs using local pages. Please give a warm welcome to our friend Tom Capper as he shares a 4-point process for determining whether local pages are something you should explore in this week's Whiteboard Friday!

Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab!
Video Transcription Hello, Moz fans. Welcome to another Whiteboard Friday. I'm Tom Capper. I'm a consultant at Distilled, and today I'm going to be talking to you about whether you need local pages. Just to be clear right off the bat what I'm talking about, I'm not talking about local rankings as we normally think of them, the local map pack results

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10:18 Seomoz.OrgRanking the 6 Most Accurate Keyword Research Tools

Posted by Jeff_Baker
In January of 2018 Brafton began a massive organic keyword targeting campaign, amounting to over 90,000 words of blog content being published.
Did it work?
Well, yeah. We doubled the number of total keywords we rank for in less than six months. By using our advanced keyword research and topic writing process published earlier this year we also increased our organic traffic by 45% and the number of keywords ranking in the top ten results by 130%.
But we got a whole lot more than just traffic.
From planning to execution and performance tracking, we meticulously logged every aspect of the project. I’m talking blog word count, MarketMuse performance scores, on-page SEO scores, days indexed on Google. You name it, we recorded it.
As a byproduct of this nerdery, we were able to draw juicy correlations between our target keyword rankings and

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