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20:52 CMSWire.com What Can Audience Overlap Teach You About Your Market?

Multiple departments can use a readily available SEO tool to answer questions they might have about their audience. Here's how.

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19:08 Seomoz.Org Rural Local SEO: A Marketing Package Strong on Education

Posted by MiriamEllis Can your marketing agency make a profit working with low-budget clients in rural areas? Could you be overlooking a source of referrals, publicity, and professional satisfaction if you’re mainly focused on landing larger clients in urban locales? Clients in least-populated areas need to capture every customer they can get to be viable, including locals, new neighbors, and passers-through. Basic Local SEO can go a long way toward helping with this, and even if package offerings aren’t your agency’s typical approach, a simple product that emphasizes education could be exactly what’s called for. Today, I’d like to help you explore your opportunities of serving rural and very small town clients. I’ve pulled together a sample spreadsheet and a ton of other resources that I hope will empower you to develop a

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10:16 Seomoz.Org Podcasts in SERPs: Is Audio SEO The Next Frontier?

Posted by Dr-Pete One of the many bits of news from Google I/O 2019 was that Google would soon start displaying podcasts in search results. "Soon" turned out to be very soon, as we're already seeing these results surface. Here's one from a search for our own podcast, MozPod: While the feature itself is interesting, and the fact that the main result goes to Apple while the episodes go to Google is entertaining, the talk out of I/O suggested something much more intriguing – that Google would soon be indexing podcast content and returning audio clips in search results. Can Google transcribe audio content? Is this currently possible? In a word: yes. We know that Google has offered a speech-to-text service as part of Google Cloud Platform since 2017, which has already undergone a few iterations and upgrades. Earlier this year, Android Police spotted source code changes which suggested that Google was proactively transcribing some podcasts on the Google Podcasts platform. We

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14:51 Cnews МТТ объявил о запуске сервиса веб-аналитики для бизнеса

Инструмент позволяет руководителям коммерческих и маркетинговых подразделений оперативно контролировать работу различных рекламных digital- и SEO-агентств

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10:22 Seomoz.Org 7 Proven SEO Reporting Best Practices That Boost Client Retention

Posted by KameronJenkins “Let’s hop on a call to go over this report.” Did you hear that? That was the collective sigh of SEOs everywhere. If we’re being honest, most of us probably view reporting the same way we view taking out the trash or folding the laundry. It’s a chore that robs us of time we could have spent on more important or enjoyable things. Adding to the frustration is the reality that many clients don’t even read their reports. That’s right. All that time you put into pulling together your data and the report might be forever resigned to the dusty corner of your client’s inbox. In the words of Mama Boucher, reporting is the devil. Hear me out though… have you ever thought of reporting as a client retention tool? While reporting is something that takes your time away from SEO work that moves the needle, reporting is also critical if you want to have a campaign to work on at all. In other words, no reporting = no value communicated = no

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10:10 Seomoz.Org 4 Key Lessons Content Marketers Can Take From Data Journalists

Posted by matt_gillespie There’s an oft-cited statistic in the world of technology professionals, from marketers to startup founders to data scientists: 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years. This instantly-Tweetable snippet was referenced in Forbes in 2018, mentioned by MediaPost in 2016, and covered on Science Daily in 2013. A casual observer could be forgiven for asking: How could that be true in three different years? At Fractl, the data makes perfect sense to us: The global amount of digital information is growing exponentially over time. From Seagate This means that the “90 percent of all data…” statistic was true in 2013, 2016, and 2018, and it will continue to be true for the foreseeable future. As our culture continues to become more internet-integrated and mobile, we continue to produce massive amounts of data year over year while also becoming more comfortable with understanding large quantities of

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22:03 Techcrunch.Com Immigrant founders, smartphone growth, SEO tactics, SoftBank’s financials, and AR tech

How an immigration crackdown is hurting UK startups Our European correspondent Natasha Lomas spent the past few weeks investigating what’s been happening to immigrant founders and tech talent in the UK, who have been receiving more scrutiny from the Home Office in recent months. Natasha zooms in on Metail, a virtual fitting room startup, and […]

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20:12 Эксперт Как выбрать эффективные курсы SEO-продвижения

Чтобы сайт приносил постоянную прибыль, следует детально ознакомиться с особенностями и нюансами его грамотного продвижения. Для этого существуют специальные курсы, которые бывают бесплатными и платными.

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20:37 CMSmagazine Семинар "Новые рекомендации по seo продвижению сайта и интернет-магазина (внедряем пока актуально)

Хотите увеличить прибыль вашего бизнеса за счет SEO-продвижения? На семинаре вы узнаете последние требования поисковых систем, как адаптировать под них сайт для достижения максимального результата, а также о том, как привлечь новых клиентов и сделать из них постоянных покупателей

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10:21 Seomoz.Org 10 Basic SEO Tips to Index & Rank New Content Faster - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by Cyrus-Shepard In SEO, speed is a competitive advantage. When you publish new content, you want users to find it ranking in search results as fast as possible. Fortunately, there are a number of tips and tricks in the SEO toolbox to help you accomplish this goal. Sit back, turn up your volume, and let Cyrus Shepard show you exactly how in this week's Whiteboard Friday [Note: #4 isn't covered in the video, but we've included in the post below. Enjoy!] Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab! Video Transcription Howdy, Moz fans. Welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. I'm Cyrus Shepard, back in front of the whiteboard. So excited to be here today. We're talking about ten tips to index and rank new content faster. You publish some new content on your blog, on your website, and you sit around and you wait. You wait for it to be in Google's index. You wait for it to rank. It's a

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23:45 Techcrunch.Com How startups can use Amazon’s SEO best practices to dominate new shopping verticals

Amazon dominates the top ranking positions of Google for tens of thousands of ecommerce queries, but there are plenty of products in newer categories where Amazon has not yet achieved SEO supremacy.

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10:17 Seomoz.Org How to explore a SERP feature strategy with STAT

Posted by TheMozTeam Your organic result game is on point, but you’ve been hearing a lot of chatter about SERP features and are curious if they can help grow your site’s visibility — how do you find out? Our SERP Features dashboard will be your one-stop shop for everything feature-related. If it’s the features in your space that you’re after, you’ll have ’em. The number of keywords producing each feature? You’ll have that, too. The share of voice they’re driving and how much you’re owning? Of course, and more. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can use the dashboard to suss out a SERP feature strategy that’s right for your site. 1. Establish viable sites and segments For context, let’s say that we’re working for a large supermarket chain with locations across the globe. Once in the dashboard, we’ll immediately look to the Overview module, which will give us a strong indication of whether a SERP feature strategy is viable for any of our keyword segments. We may

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02:25 habrahabr.ru [Перевод] Главные SEO-тренды в Google

На конференциях мы зачастую слышим: «Google меняется каждый день…» «Алгоритм Google обновляется 500 раз в год…» «Вы должны оставаться в топе выдачи…» А изменения в Google означают изменения в ранжировании, верно? Но что, если самые большие изменения в Google не имеют ничего общего с ранжированием? Да, Google постоянно меняется. И да, изменения влияют на ваш трафик. Однако, самые большие тенденции SEO не влияют на ваше место выдачи. Они влияют на ваш CTR. А в этом большая разница. Читать дальше →

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16:18 Seomoz.Org The New Moz Local Is on Its Way!

Posted by MiriamEllis Exciting secrets can be so hard to keep. Finally, all of us at Moz have the green light to share with all of you a first glimpse of something we’ve been working on for months behind the scenes. Big inhale, big exhale... Announcing: the new and improved Moz Local, to be rolled out beginning June 12! Why is Moz updating the Moz Local platform? Local search has evolved from caterpillar to butterfly in the seven years since we launched Moz Local. I think we’ve spent the time well, intensively studying both Google’s trajectory and the feedback of enterprise, marketing agency, and SMB customers. Your generosity in telling us what you need as marketers has inspired us to action. Over the coming months, you’ll be seeing what Moz has learned reflected in a series of rollouts. Stage by stage, you’ll see that we’re planning to give our software the wings it needs to help you fully navigate the dynamic local search landscape and, in turn, grow your business.

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11:06 CMSmagazine AdClients - сертифицированный партнёр Яндекс.Директ 2019 - статьи и новости агентства AdClients

Начиная с 2012 года агентство AdClients является сертифицированным партнером Яндекса. 2019 год не стал исключением – мы в очередной раз подтвердили свой статус и получили звание Сертифицированного агентства Яндекс.Директ.

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10:08 Seomoz.Org Google Ads Mistakes to Avoid - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by DiTomaso Contrary to popular belief, SEO and PPC aren't at opposite ends of the spectrum. There are plenty of ways the two search disciplines can work together for benefits all around, especially when it comes to optimizing your Google Ads. In this week's edition of Whiteboard Friday, we're thrilled to welcome Dana DiTomaso as she explains how you can harness the power of both SEO and PPC for a better Google experience overall. Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab! Video Transcription Hey, Moz readers. My name is Dana DiTomaso, and I'm President and partner at Kick Point. We're a digital marketing agency way up in the frozen wilds of Edmonton, Alberta. Today I'm going be talking to you about PPC, and I know you're thinking, "This is an SEO blog. What are you doing here talking about PPC?" But one of my resolutions for 2019 is to bring together SEO and PPC people, because SEO can

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10:08 Seomoz.Org Creating Quality Content in 2019 (For Search Engines and People)

Posted by jchamp86 Think back to the last question you typed into Google. Did you find a blog post on the search engine result page that attracted your attention? Did you find the content on the page helpful? Did the page offer a relevant next step to continue learning and engaging with your brand? If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, then the author who wrote this piece of content did their job very well: They created a piece of content that fulfilled your intent. In 2019, that’s what search engines like Google care about — solving for their searcher’s intent.  Read on to learn how to solve for searcher intent to create successful, quality content that makes people (and Google) happy. Effective content comes with a blueprint Before we dive in, you may be asking yourself: “How do I solve for searcher

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10:08 Seomoz.Org Can You Reverse A 301 Redirect?

Posted by Dr-Pete The short answer is "yes." You can reverse a 301-redirect, even though it's technically permanent. The long answer, though, is that this change may not work the way you'd expect or hope, and it could even make your problems worse. Let's explore the long answer with four real-world scenarios ... First: A note and a warning... Before we dive into the scenarios, there are two things you need to know. This stuff all sounds easy in theory, but — in the real world — 301-redirects take time to process, and reversing them (or changing signals in any major way) often takes even more time. Be prepared for those delays, and prepare your stakeholders. You may see ranking flux during this time period. Most of the time, it will pass fairly quickly, but reversals tend to get messy. This leads me to the warning – don't reverse a 301-redirect simply because something is taking too long or you're in a full-on panic. A midstream reversal can create mixed signals, delays

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10:08 Seomoz.Org I Want to Rank Beyond My Location: A Guide to How This Works

Posted by MiriamEllis Staff at your agency get asked this question just about every day, and it’s a local SEO forum FAQ, too: “I’m located in ‘x’, but how do I rank beyond that?” In fact, this query is so popular, it deserves a good and thorough answer. I’ve written this article in the simplest terms possible so that you can instantly share it with even your least-technical clients. We’ll break rankings down into five easy-to-grasp groups, and make sense out of how Google appears to bucket rankings for different types of users and queries. Your clients will come away with an understanding of what’s appropriate, what’s possible, and what’s typically impossible. It’s my hope that shooting this link over to all relevant clients will save your team a ton of time, and ensure that the brands you’re serving are standing on steady

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10:08 Seomoz.Org MozCon 2019: Acceptance. Education. Donuts

Posted by PJ_Howland We’re digital marketers; we make our living in a constantly changing (and consistently misunderstood) industry. It’s easy to feel like even those who are closest to us don’t really get what we do. Take me, for example, I once mentioned algorithms to my grandmother, and ever since then, she’s been absolutely (and adamantly) sure that I work with clocks. Did she think I said analog? But despite the dynamic nature of marketing, Moz has always been a solid rock at the center of the storm. It’s been here since the beginning, a place where all the marketing nerds and SEO geeks could hang our hats and feel understood. And MozCon feels like the culmination of that culture of acceptance. MozCon: Helping you build your best self As I’ve chatted with the good folks at Moz about this year’s MozCon, it’s clear to me that they pay attention to data. Why do I say that? Because they’re doubling down on making this year their most actionable year ever. As a past

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10:08 Seomoz.Org An SEO’s Guide to Writing Structured Data (JSON-LD)

Posted by briangormanh The Schema.org vocabulary is the ultimate collab. Thanks to a mutual handshake between Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Yandex, we have a library of fields we can use to highlight and more aptly define the information on web pages. By utilizing structured data, we provide search engines with more confidence (i.e. a better understanding of page content), as Alexis Sanders explains in this wonderful podcast. Doing so can have a number of positive effects, including eye-catching SERP displays and improved rankings. If you’re an SEO, how confident are you in auditing or creating structured data markup using the Schema.org vocabulary? If you just shifted in your seat uncomfortably, then this is the guide for you. In it, I aim to demystify some of the syntax of JSON-LD as well as share useful tips on

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10:08 Seomoz.Org Visualizing Speed Metrics to Improve SEO, UX, & Revenue - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by sam.marsden We know how important page speed is to Google, but why is that, exactly? With increasing benefits to SEO, UX, and customer loyalty that inevitably translates to revenue, there are more reasons than ever to both focus on site speed and become adept at communicating its value to devs and stakeholders. In today's Whiteboard Friday, Sam Marsden takes us point-by-point through how Google understands speed metrics, the best ways to access and visualize that data, and why it all matters. Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab! Video Transcription Hi, Moz fans, and welcome to another Whiteboard Friday. My name is Sam Marsden, and I work as an SEO at web crawling platform DeepCrawl. Today we're going to be talking about how Google understands speed and also how we can visualize some of the performance metrics that they provide to benefit things like SEO, to improve user experience,

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10:08 Seomoz.Org SEO & Progressive Web Apps: Looking to the Future

Posted by tombennet Practitioners of SEO have always been mistrustful of JavaScript. This is partly based on experience; the ability of search engines to discover, crawl, and accurately index content which is heavily reliant on JavaScript has historically been poor. But it’s also habitual, born of a general wariness towards JavaScript in all its forms that isn’t based on understanding or experience. This manifests itself as dependence on traditional SEO techniques that have not been relevant for years, and a conviction that to be good at technical SEO does not require an understanding of modern web development. As Mike King wrote in his post The Technical SEO Renaissance, these attitudes are contributing to “an ever-growing technical knowledge gap within SEO as a marketing field, making it difficult for many SEOs to solve our new problems”. They also put SEO practitioners at risk of being left behind, since too many of us refuse to explore – let alone embrace – technologies

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10:08 Seomoz.Org How Often Does Google Update Its Algorithm?

Posted by Dr-Pete In 2018, Google reported an incredible 3,234 improvements to search. That's more than 8 times the number of updates they reported in 2009 — less than a decade ago — and an average of almost 9 per day. How have algorithm updates evolved over the past decade, and how can we possibly keep tabs on all of them? Should we even try? To kick this off, here's a list of every confirmed count we have (sources at end of post): 2018 – 3,234 "improvements"2017 – 2,453 "changes"2016 – 1,653 "improvements"2013 – 890 "improvements"2012 – 665 "launches"2011 – 538 "launches"2010 – 516 "changes"2009 – 350–400 "changes" Unfortunately, we don't have confirmed data for 2014-2015 (if you know differently, please let me know in the comments). A brief history of update counts Our first peek into this data came in spring of 2010, when Google's Matt Cutts revealed that "on average, [Google] tends to roll out 350–400 things

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06:44 habrahabr.ru Расчёт каннибализации на основе классического A/B-теста и метод bootstrap’а

В данной статье рассмотрен метод расчёта каннибализации для мобильного приложения на основе классического A/B-теста. В данном случае рассматриваются и оцениваются целевые действия в рамках процесса реаттрибуции с рекламного источника (Direct, Criteo, AdWords UAC и прочих) по сравнению с целевыми действиями в группе, на которую реклама была отключена. В статье дан обзор классических методик сравнения независимых выборок с кратким теоретическим базисом и описанием примененных библиотек, в т.ч. вкратце описывается суть метода bootstrap’а и его реализация в библиотеке FaceBook Bootstrapped, а также проблемы, возникающие на практике при применении этих методик, и способы их решения. Читать дальше

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19:10 Techcrunch.Com Media VC theses, SEO keywords, cosmology, and brand design

Where top VCs are investing in Media, Entertainment & Gaming Our media columnist Eric Peckham (who is hard at work on the Unity EC-1, which we will start to publish here shortly) pinged his network of media investors to figure out what the media VC world is up to in mid-2019: Here are the media […]

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17:24 CMSmagazine Бесплатное SEO продвижение по России

На наш взгляд, создание мультисайта – это самый недорогой способ продвижения по России

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08:52 habrahabr.ru О чём писать в White Paper и как её использовать для продвижения ИТ-продукта?

В начале 2019 года один ИТ-клиент поставил передо мной задачу — написать White Paper (она же «белая книга», официальная публикация, «вайт пейпер» и т. д.). А я никогда этого раньше не делал, хотя контент-копирайтингом занимаюсь давно. Решил поискать в Рунете — одна «SEO-вода», с такими инструкциями никакой White Paper не напишешь. Поискал в англоязычном интернете — там погуще, но тоже много мути, воды и рекламы. В конце концов я натолкнулся на руководство компании Foleon, мне оно показалось развернутым и информативным, во всяком случае оно неплохо закрывало часть моих вопросов: Что должно войти в WP и чего там точно быть не должно? Как его распространять? Что вообще с ним делать? Я посчитал, что оно будет интересно и другим коллегам, которые не только разрабатывают ИТ-продукты, но продвигают их через контент-маркетинг. В общем мы его перевели (а точнее сказать — адаптировали, т. к. тоже пришлось сливать много воды и рекламы), сверстали, делимся со всеми

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22:30 habrahabr.ru 5 крутых сервисов диджитал-маркетолога (малоизвестных в России)

Привет, Хабр! Поделюсь своим опытом работы с сервисами, которыми практически не пользуются в России, но при этом они мега-популярны в Европе и США. Кратко распишу, что это за сервисы и для чего они нужны, их плюсы/минусы на личном опыте, и дам для сравнения аналоги популярные на российском рынке. Начнем! 1. Kenshoo — сервис автоматизации рекламных кампаний. Сервис автоматизирует управление ставками и стратегиями рекламных кампаний в Google Ads, Яндекс Директ, Bing, Yahoo, Search Ads, Bia du, Pinterest. Плюсы: + Управление рекламными кампаниями из одного интерфейса + Хорошая интеграция с Google Ads + Быстрая настройка автоматических стратегий + Есть аудит рекламных кампаний (еще в бета) + Русскоговорящие менеджеры (один точно был) Минусы: − Плохая интеграция с Яндекс Директом − Частые проблемы с редиректом (на поиске вместо вашего url появится редирект kensho), т.к все ссылки оборачиваются трекингом kenshoo и проходят через редирект − Новые кампании в рекламных системах

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16:50 Lenta.ru Хакеры начали заражать компьютеры через сервис «Яндекса»

Антивирусная компания ESET сообщила о новой киберугрозе, распространяемой мошенниками через сеть рекламных баннеров «Яндекс.Директ». По данным специалистов, основная цель преступников — финансовые и юридические подразделения различных организаций, так как вредоносное ПО было замаскировано под деловые документы.

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14:52 habrahabr.ru SEO-оптимизация карточки товара: пошаговая инструкция + лайфхаки

Важная часть интернет-магазина — товар. Но большинство SEO-специалистов не уделяют ему должного внимания. Подготовили для вас обязательный список того, что должно быть в карточке товара и подробную информацию по ее оптимизации. Читать дальше →

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13:51 Cnews Eset обнаружила распространение вредоносных файлов с помощью платформы «Яндекс.директ»

Жертвы скачивали шифраторы и банковские трояны на сайте, который продвигался через размещенные злоумышленниками рекламные баннеры

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12:53 habrahabr.ru Бэкдор и шифратор Buhtrap распространялись с помощью Яндекс.Директ

Чтобы нацелить кибератаку на бухгалтеров, можно использовать рабочие документы, которые они ищут в сети. Примерно так в последние несколько месяцев действовала кибергруппа, распространяющая известные бэкдоры Buhtrap и RTM, а также шифраторы и ПО для кражи криптовалют. Большинство целей расположены в России. Атака реализована путем размещения вредоносной рекламы в Яндекс.Директ. Потенциальные жертвы переходили на сайт, где им предлагалось скачать вредоносный файл, замаскированный под шаблон документа. Яндекс удалил вредоносную рекламу после нашего предупреждения. Исходный код Buhtrap в прошлом был слит в сеть, поэтому его может использовать кто угодно. Мы не располагаем информацией относительно доступности кода RTM. В посте расскажем, как атакующие распространяли вредоносное ПО с помощью Яндекс.Директ и хостили его на GitHub. Завершит пост технический анализ малвари. Читать дальше

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16:49 CMSmagazine Семинар-практикум в Зеленограде "Редизайн интернет-магазина + SEO продвижение = рост продаж в 3 раза

Как увеличить прибыль вашего интернет-магазина, изменив дизайн, внедрив новый полезный функционал и построив правильные конверсионные пути на вашем сайтеКак правильно продвигать интернет-магазин, чтобы получить бомбический рост видимости и посещаемости

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15:04 Cnews «Яндекс.директ» повысит конверсии за счет оптимизации цены на поиске

Постепенный запуск нового алгоритма начнется во второй половине мая

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10:11 Sostav.ru Яндекс.Директ оптимизирует ставки на поисковом трафике

Такая возможность появится при ручном управлении

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10:02 habrahabr.ru [recovery mode] 10 нестандартных способов навредить SEO при смене CMS (+1 бонусный)

В этой статье расскажу о тех проблемах, которые возникают, когда сайт меняет движок, а контроль SEO-специалиста при этом отсутствует. Материал будет полезен тем, кто самостоятельно продвигает свой сайт, а для коллег может стать лишним поводом освежить в голове знания (а может добавить в комментариях что-то новое). Читать дальше →

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Создание сайта подразумевает активное его продвижение.

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23:28 habrahabr.ru Получение статистики по всем клиентам из API Яндекс Директ в разрезе дней с помощью Python

В работе часто использую короткую статистику в разрезе дней чтобы отслеживать отклонения трафика. Более подробно о написании запросов написал в статье « Получение рекламных кампаний Яндекс Директ с помощью API в DataFrame (Python)» (https://habr.com/ru/post/445734/). В данной статье я в большей степени расскажу о том, как структурировать данные и запросы, чтобы этим можно было нормально пользоваться. Нам следует прописать запрос к серверу как функцию. Лично я сделал 2 файла: функция с запросом и файл с данными, которые будут передаваться в функцию. В первом файле пишем функцию: Я запрашиваю по всем проектам одни и те же поля, поэтому мне нужно передавать в запрос только даты, логин и токен. Передача данных в функцию у меня выглядит следующим образом: def rep(token,login,date_from,date_to): Пишем запрос к серверу API Яндекс Директ Данный запрос запрашивает данные по следующим параметрам: Date Impressions Clicks Ctr Cost AvgCpc AvgImpressionPosition AvgClickPosition

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09:46 habrahabr.ru Как ускорить работу с API на языке R с помощью параллельных вычислений, на примере API Яндекс.Директ (Часть 2)

В прошлой статье я рассказал о том, что такое многопоточность, и привёл примеры её реализации на языке R при работе с API Яндекс.Директ с помощью пакетов doSNOW , doParallel и конструкции foreach . Данная статья является продолжением, но может быть рассмотрена как автономное руководство по многопоточности в R. К её написанию меня подтолкнули комментарии полученные к первой части (тут отдельная благодарность Alexey_mosc, SatCat, Ananiev_Genrih), в которых мне привели ряд пакетов, представляющих более современный подход к реализации многопоточности в R, о них далее и пойдёт речь. Читать дальше

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13:23 Sostav.ru «Дочка» «Ростелекома» потратит 61 млн рублей на контекстную рекламу

Размещением займется победитель тендера

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09:17 habrahabr.ru [recovery mode] Бесплатные ссылки, или чем заняться на досуге владельцу сайта

Эта статья будет полезна владельцам бизнеса, которые занимаются продвижением своего сайта самостоятельно, но в “пассивном режиме”: в свободное время понемногу изучают вопрос, пытаются вникнуть в разные аспекты, пробуют разные способы и сервисы. Иными словами, не ставят жестких сроков и не проводят по бухгалтерии бюджеты и статьи расходов на SEO. Если вы маркетолог, и вам, как это часто бывает, поручили заодно продвигать сайт (естественно, своими силами, без бюджета и на добровольных началах), то рекомендую пробежаться по пунктам в этой статье, не исключено, что некоторые из них хоть немного скрасят эту ситуацию. Я предлагаю список мест, где можно размещать ссылки в свободное от основной работы время. Сразу скажу, что никакого взлета в результатах поиска можно не ждать (хотя, как редкое исключение, и такое тоже случается), речь идет о постепенном развитии и накоплении ссылочной массы с попутным улучшением других факторов и получением живых посещений. Читать дальше

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10:07 Seomoz.Org The One-Hour Guide to SEO: Link Building - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by randfish The final episode in our six-part One-Hour Guide to SEO series deals with a topic that's a perennial favorite among SEOs: link building. Today, learn why links are important to both SEO and to Google, how Google likely measures the value of links, and a few key ways to begin earning your own. Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high resolution version in a new tab! Video Transcription Howdy, Moz fans, and welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. We are back with our final part in the One-Hour Guide to SEO, and this week talking about why links matter to search engines, how you can earn links, and things to consider when doing link building. Why are links important to SEO? So we've discussed sort of how search engines rank pages based on the value they provide to users. We've talked about how they consider keyword use and relevant topics and content on the page. But search engines also have this

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19:09 Seomoz.Org 4 Unconventional Ways to Become a Better SEO

Posted by meagar8 Let’s get real for a moment: As much as we hear about positive team cultures and healthy work environments in the digital marketing space, many of us encounter workplace scenarios that are far from the ideal. Some of us might even be part of a team where we feel discouraged to share new ideas or alternative solutions because we know it will be shot down without discussion. Even worse, there are some who feel afraid to ask questions or seek help because their workplace culture doesn’t provide a safe place for learning. These types of situations, and many others like it, are present in far too many work environments. But what if I told you it doesn’t have to be this way?  Over the last ten years as a team manager at various agencies, I’ve been working hard to foster a work environment where my employees feel empowered to share their thoughts and can safely learn from their mistakes. Through my experiences, I have found a few strategies to combat

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13:44 habrahabr.ru [recovery mode] Одна задача из SEO рутины: решение в 3 шага

По правде говоря, это не «бомбический» кейс, а стандартная ситуация в SEO и её обычное решение. Из таких ситуаций состоит большая часть работы. В данном случае, статья будет интересна владельцам интернет магазинов. Сайт клиента в один момент сильно потерял в позициях. Как следствие – меньше трафика и звонков. Рассказ про типичную проблему и её решение. Читать дальше →

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04:25 Seomoz.Org How Do I Improve My Domain Authority (DA)?

Posted by Dr-Pete The Short Version: Don't obsess over Domain Authority (DA) for its own sake. Domain Authority shines at comparing your overall authority (your aggregate link equity, for the most part) to other sites and determining where you can compete. Attract real links that drive traffic, and you'll improve both your Domain Authority and your rankings. Unless you've been living under a rock, over a rock, or really anywhere rock-adjacent, you may know that Moz has recently invested a lot of time, research, and money in a new-and-improved Domain Authority. People who use Domain Authority (DA) naturally want to improve their score, and this is a question that I admit we've avoided at times, because like any metric, DA can be abused if taken out of context or viewed in isolation. I set out to write a how-to post, but what follows can only be described as a belligerent FAQ ... Why do you want to increase DA? This may sound like

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21:23 Seomoz.Org The Danger of Overdoing SEO

Posted by randfish During my first few years in the SEO field, half of the sites I'd visit - those my SEO brethren in the forums or over email owned - were what today we'd probably call "over-optimized." They tended to have features like: Keyword after keyword stuffed into the title element of every pageOverly-lengthy and keyword rich URL stringsPage filled with "SEO'd" content that was never intended to be a focus for visitorsBacklink profiles that lacked a single high-quality, "editorial" linkAt its best, our profession is about making amazing things that people are asking to see (via their search queries in the engines) and then marketing it in the most optimal ways. At its worst (excluding the crap-hat junk that doesn't even deserve to be called "SEO"), it looks like this: There's a

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21:23 Seomoz.Org Why Most Conference Presentations Suck

Posted by willcritchlow Normally, I tend towards the uncontroversial when I write. I haven't been the author of many posts that have caused debate. But I've had enough. I need to speak up. Most conference presentations suck There. I said it. I remember being amazed (and, back then, pretty heartened) when I went to my first SEO conference and realised I already knew most of what was being said. Amazement turned to disappointment at my second conference, which was billed as "Advanced" and where the same old basics were trotted out by too many of the speakers. Since then, I've been to hundreds of presentations. I've learnt a lot, but from a surprisingly small proportion of them. (Thank you to those speakers who consistently turn out the excellent stuff!). I'm no exception This is as much a

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21:23 Seomoz.Org Reputation Management SEO: 6 Advanced Tactics

Posted by randfish Last week I visited Milan, Italy thanks to the generosity of the US State Department and Marco Montemagno, organizer of Social Media Week. I was, first off, impressed that the State Dept. had a formal program to encourage digital entrepreneurship and the promotion of Internet use as part of their mission to spread democracy. I was even more impressed that Marco's Social Media Week garnered more than 25,000 attendees (granted, most events were free, but still exciting numbers). During my participation in the event and in private meetings with several folks from local businesses and government offices, I was surprised at how many times the issue of SEO for reputation management arose. Perhaps Italians on the web are given to sparking controversy or perhaps it's merely coincidence, but either way, I promised to write a post describing some of the most powerful methods we've observed for driving down negative or unwanted results in Google and controlling

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21:23 Seomoz.Org Are Exact Match Domains Too Powerful? Is Their Time Limited?

Posted by randfish Last night at the SEOmoz meetup in Avi Wilensky's incredible office space, a frequent topic of discussion both during the presentations/Q+A and in small group networking before and after was the propensity for Google (and Bing) to bias towards exact match domains in the rankings. How big an issue is exact-match domains? Let's look at some data from our correlation analysis from SMX Advanced earlier this year: Just by itself, exact match is remarkably high in correlation to rankings. No other on-site/on-page factor we examined even came close. Granted, that's not causation, and it could be other factors influencing those impressively high rankings. Let's get a bit deeper and more granular around the issue: Holy what?! Actually, this probably isn't very surprising to most SEOs. The second highest correlation we found of anything - links, on-page elements, URL factors, keyword usage, third-party metrics  (excluding only

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21:23 Seomoz.Org The Definitive Guide to Awesome Web Content

Posted by edfryed This post was originally in YouMoz, and was promoted to the main blog because it provides great value and interest to our community. The author's views are entirely his or her own and may not reflect the views of Moz, Inc. What is it we SEOs do? Most of our answers probably boil down to this; we help webpages rank higher at search engines by improving each of the three cornerstones of SEO. The first aspect; technical problems - like indexable content, meta robots tags and URL structures - has been cracked by SEOmoz’s awesome web app. Suddenly we can get a complete dashboard of errors to go and sort - easy. Then of course, then there’s the “trust” issue. Getting authoritative and relevant links; and with Open Site Explorer where advanced link analysis and data is now only a click away. And with the a huge range of link building tips, strategies, and tactics here, it’s fair to say that we’ve got the SEO

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21:23 Seomoz.Org Find the Question to your Yahoo Answers!

Posted by Martin81Vette This post was originally in YouMoz, and was promoted to the main blog because it provides great value and interest to our community. The author's views are entirely his or her own and may not reflect the views of Moz, Inc. Have you considered using Yahoo Answers to try and drive some traffic to your website / blog? Yahoo Answers has become a very popular network for knowledge thirsty question askers and knowledge soaked answer-meisters, and they are all potential visitors for your site. This article aims to provide a detailed look at some tips / tricks for becoming the glowing Yahoo Answers guru you've always wanted to be! I was inspired back in January by Nathan Libbeys excellent blog post about generating traffic using Yahoo Answers. After reading Nathan's post I registered

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21:23 Seomoz.Org Content Optimization: Revisiting Topic Modeling, LDA & Our Labs Tool

Posted by randfish Many times as SEOs, we think about the "on-page optimization" process as simply following the best practices for placing our targeted keywords (and possibly, some variations of them) on the page. My previous blog post about Perfecting Keyword Targeting covers this in some detail. But, we also know that search engines aren't nearly naive enough to care only about the individual terms/phrases that the user queries. For years, search engines have been doing work with topic modeling (this paper from Berkeley researchers does a nice job exploring the concept as it relates to IR). While it's challenging as SEOs to know where this work has taken them, we can certainly assume that the words and phrases you use on a page likely influence its ranking, as well as how and where you use the targeted query term. For those of you who've

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21:23 Seomoz.Org Link Building Tips for Personal Blogs

Posted by randfish I've gotten to spend some time recently with folks who run small, personal blogs (including my wife, friend Kim, and a travel blogging dinner meetup SEOmoz sponsored in Seattle this week), and many of them have asked me whether SEO, in particular link building, is an activity they can take on to help grow their online presence. I can certainly empathize with the challenges - from reading many of the guides and posts about link building here on SEOmoz or elsewhere in the industry, you could be forgiven for feeling "in over your head" or that "only real businesses can do this kind of stuff." This post is intended to provide answers specifically targeted to individuals running their own blog, personally or semi-professionally, on how to engage in activities that will draw in links from other sites

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21:23 Seomoz.Org Getting Your Company Onboard with LPO

Posted by JoannaLord I don't like the word "optimization." It has surpassed the level of buzz word and has officially been overused in every which way. While the word itself annoys me, the process of improving what you have to get more from it still rings true. I think we can all get onboard with the concept, but what about the process behind it? I am constantly surprised by the number of people that tell me their boss or client simply doesn't want to spend time on landing page optimization. I've put together a little something I think explains the norm pretty

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11:39 habrahabr.ru SEO и контекстная реклама — лиды на 175 тысяч рублей в день в Ижевске

С клиентом начали работать в конце 2016 г. Первоначально бюджет на продвижение составлял 18 000 р. в месяц. Сайт на тот момент только сделали, оптимизация была на слабом уровне. Читать дальше →

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10:15 Seomoz.Org 12 Steps to Lightning Page Speed

Posted by WallStreetOasis.com At Wall Street Oasis, we’ve noticed that every time we focus on improving our page speed, Google sends us more organic traffic. In 2018, our company's website reached over 80 percent of our traffic from organic search. That’s 24.5 million visits. Needless to say, we are very tuned in to how we can continue to improve our user experience and keep Google happy. We thought this article would be a great way to highlight the specific steps we take to keep our page speed lightning fast and organic traffic healthy. While this article is somewhat technical (page speed is an important and complex subject) we hope it provides website owners and developers with a framework on how to try and improve their page speed. Quick technical background: Our website is built on top of the Drupal CMS and we

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10:17 Seomoz.Org The One-Hour Guide to SEO: Technical SEO - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by randfish We've arrived at one of the meatiest SEO topics in our series: technical SEO. In this fifth part of the One-Hour Guide to SEO, Rand covers essential technical topics from crawlability to internal link structure to subfolders and far more. Watch on for a firmer grasp of technical SEO fundamentals! Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high resolution version in a new tab! Video Transcription Howdy, Moz fans, and welcome back to our special One-Hour Guide to SEO Whiteboard Friday series. This is Part V - Technical SEO. I want to be totally upfront. Technical SEO is a vast and deep discipline like any of the things we've been talking about in this One-Hour Guide. There is no way in the next 10 minutes that I can give you everything that you'll ever need to know about technical SEO, but we can cover many of the big, important, structural fundamentals. So that's what we're going to tackle today. You will come

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19:16 Seomoz.Org How to Convince Your Boss to Send You to MozCon 2019

Posted by cheryldraper From networking with your peers to hearing from industry leaders, there are benefits a-plenty to attending conferences. You know that. Your peers know that. But how do you persuade the powers-that-be (aka your boss) that sending you is beneficial for your business?  To help convince your boss that won't just be lounging pool-side, sipping cocktails on the company dime, we’ve gathered the goods to help you get your boss to greenlight your MozCon attendance. How to make the case Business competition is fiercer than ever. What used to make a splash now feels like it’s barely making ripples. Only those who are able to shift tactics with the changing tides of marketing will be able to come out on top. And that’s exactly what MozCon is going to help you do. Covering everything a growing marketer needs for a well-balanced marketing diet (SEO, content, strategy, growth), MozCon delivers top-notch talks from hand-selected speakers over three

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10:15 Seomoz.Org How Bad Was Google's Deindexing Bug?

Posted by Dr-Pete On Friday, April 5, after many website owners and SEOs reported pages falling out of rankings, Google confirmed a bug that was causing pages to be deindexed: MozCast showed a multi-day increase in temperatures, including a 105° spike on April 6. While deindexing would naturally cause ranking flux, as pages temporarily fell out of rankings and then reappeared, SERP-monitoring tools aren't designed to separate the different causes of flux. Can we isolate deindexing flux? Google's own tools can help us check whether a page is indexed, but doing this at scale is difficult, and once an event has passed, we no longer have good access to historical data. What if we could isolate a set of URLs, though, that we could reasonably expect to be stable over time? Could we use that set to detect unusual patterns?Across the month of February, the MozCast 10K daily tracking set had 149,043 unique URLs ranking on page one. I reduced that to a subset of

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19:45 Seomoz.Org Links as a Google Ranking Factor: A 2019 Study

Posted by EricEnge Do Links Still Matter? For the fourth year running, Stone Temple (now a part of Perficient Digital) conducted a study on how much links matter as a ranking factor. We did that using Moz's Link Explorer and in this year's study, we looked at the largest data set yet — 27,000 queries. Our study used quadratic mean calculations on the Spearman correlations across all 27K tested queries. Not sure what that means? You can learn more about the study methodology here. The major study components included: Total number of links to the ranking pagesMoz DA of the links to the ranking pagesMoz PA of the links to the ranking pages Slicing these calculations into several sub-categories: Informational vs. commercial queriesMedical vs. Financial vs. Technology vs. All Other queries We were also able to evaluate just how much the Moz link index had grown for a subset of the queries because we have used the same data on 16K of the 27K queries for three

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16:57 CMSmagazine Метрики контекстной рекламы, ключевые для вашего бизнеса

При размещении контекстной рекламы важно правильно оценить её эффективность. В зависимости от целей и задач бизнеса учитываются различные показатели. Ключевые метрики перечислила Марина Смирнова, SEA Group Head i.com

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15:06 habrahabr.ru Как правильно оптимизировать разделы каталога в интернет-магазине: пошаговая инструкция

Категории, они же разделы каталога, порой играют ключевую роль в продвижении сайта. Сюда посетители заходят напрямую из поисковиков. От того, насколько правильно и корректно вы оптимизировали эти страницы, зависит практически 90% успеха продвижения. За годы работы мы в AlkoDesign продвинули десятки таких проектов. В этой статье мы решили поделиться своим видением об идеальной оптимизации категорий интернет-магазина: разберем каждый пункт, а в конце статьи вас ждет шаблон-шпаргалка. Читать дальше →

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09:46 habrahabr.ru [recovery mode] Пример контент-стратегии для продвижения интернет-магазина оружейных запчастей

О роли контента в SEO спорят много, жарко и на разных уровнях: — Решает ли он что-нибудь вообще? — Если решает, то можно ли им пренебречь как малозначимым фактором? — Если нельзя, то сколько нужно контента в знаках? — Если не получается столько создать, то можно ли красть? — Если нельзя красть, то как украсть незаметно? — Если нельзя украсть незаметно, то где можно найти бесплатно? — Если нельзя найти бесплатно, то как получить хотя бы дешево, быстро и так же качественно? Узнав, что выбрать из “дешево”, “быстро” и “качественно” можно максимум два пункта, заказчики обычно грустнеют и либо смиряются с положением вещей, либо переходят на стадию отрицания и просят тех, кто на первом уровне ответил “не решает”, приободрить и пообещать, что все будет хорошо. Ни в коем случае не собираюсь говорить, что голыми крауд-ссылками вывести в Топ3 нельзя. Уверен, что в вашем портфолио есть кейсы, которые именно так и туда попали. С большим удовольствием с ними ознакомлюсь и приму к сведению.

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21:47 Seomoz.Org How to Find Your True Local Competitors

Posted by MiriamEllis Who are your clients’ true competitors? It’s a question that’s become harder to answer. What felt like a fairly simple triangulation between Google, brand, and searcher in the early days of the local web has multiplied into a geodesic dome of localization, personalization, intent matching, and other facets. This evolution from a simple shape to a more complex shape has the local SEO industry starting to understand the need to talk about trends and patterns vs. empirical rankings. For instance, you might notice that you just can’t deliver client reports that say, “Congratulations, you’re #1” anymore. And that's because the new reality is that there is no #1 for all searchers. A user on the north side of town may see a completely different local pack of results if they go south, or if they modify their search

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22:37 Seomoz.Org The One-Hour Guide to SEO: Keyword Targeting & On-Page Optimization - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by randfish We've covered strategy, keyword research, and how to satisfy searcher intent — now it's time to tackle optimizing the webpage itself! In the fourth part of the One-Hour Guide to SEO, Rand offers up an on-page SEO checklist to start you off on your way towards perfectly optimized and keyword-targeted pages. If you missed them, check out the other episodes in the series so far: The One-Hour Guide to SEO, Part 1: SEO StrategyThe One-Hour Guide to SEO, Part 2: Keyword ResearchThe One-Hour Guide to SEO, Part 3: Searcher Satisfaction Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high resolution version in a new tab! Video Transcription Howdy, Moz fans. Welcome to another edition of our special One-Hour Guide to SEO. We are now on Part IV – Keyword Targeting and On-Page Optimization. So hopefully, you've watched Part III, where we talked about searcher satisfaction, how to make sure searchers are happy with the page

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14:58 Sostav.ru Обзор по изменениям в «Яндекс.Директ» за полгода

Специалист по контекстной рекламе i-Media проанализировал ключевые нововведения в системе

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10:06 Seomoz.Org 8 Content Distribution Ideas to Meet Your Brand’s Goals

Posted by AlliBerry3 There’s a lot to consider when creating a content strategy in 2019. Not only is there more competition than ever online, but there are so many types of content and ways to reach your target audience. Do you start a blog? Do you podcast? Should you focus on research studies or whitepapers? How do you really know what to do? But before you do anything else, you need to define what goals you want to accomplish with your content.  I’ve written previously about the importance of having an audience-focused content strategy before — and it's still relevant. Every single piece of content you create needs to be mapped to a goal, otherwise, it’ll leave your audience wondering why they should care and what to do next, assuming it even reaches your target audience at all. But the work doesn’t stop

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13:01 Lenta.ru Многодетная россиянка оказалась угонщицей, сутенершей и похитительницей людей

Многодетная жительница Омска Вера Бегун стала фигуранткой 18 уголовных дел: ей грозит до 20 лет лишения свободы. Жители Омска узнали про Бегун после того, как она в 2015 году устроила пикет у городской администрации, не желая переезжать из аварийного жилья. В 2017 году Бегун потребовала у знакомого продать Infinity.

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11:52 Gazeta.Ru Многодетная омичка угоняла машины, организовала притон и заживо похоронила парня

Многодетная жительница Омска Вера Бегун, известная своей общественной деятельностью, стала фигуранткой 18 уголовных дел, передает "Новый Омск". В 2015 году Бегун устроила пикет у городской администрации, не желая переезжать из ...

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11:18 Seomoz.Org Step into the Spotlight as a Community Speaker at MozCon 2019

Posted by Danielle_Launders With MozCon 2019 right around the corner, we’re excited to announce our annual open call for community speakers! Are you the person that everyone in your office goes to for digital marketing advice? Dreaming of breaking into the speaking circuit to share your innovative ideas? Now’s the chance to submit your pitch for an opportunity to join industry leaders on stage in front of 1,500 of your peers. (No pressure!) Not sure what a community speaker is? At MozCon, we have a speaker selection committee that identifies practitioners at the top of their professional field, with a mean speaking game. But these sessions are by invite only, and we know the community is bursting at the seams with groundbreaking research, hot tips, and SEO tests that drive results. Cue our community speaker program!

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19:05 Seomoz.Org How to Diagnose and Solve JavaScript SEO Issues in 6 Steps

Posted by TomekRu It’s rather common for companies to build their websites using modern JavaScript frameworks and libraries like React, Angular, or Vue. It’s obvious by now that the web has moved away from plain HTML and has entered the era of JS. While there is nothing unusual with a business willing to take advantage of the latest technologies, we need to address the stark reality of this trend: Most of the migrations to JavaScript frameworks aren’t being planned with users or organic traffic in mind. Let’s call it the JavaScript Paradox: The big brands jump on the JavaScript hype train after hearing all the buzz about JavaScript frameworks creating amazing UXs.Reality reveals that JavaScript frameworks are really complex.The big brands completely butcher the migrations to JavaScript. They lose

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17:30 habrahabr.ru [recovery mode] Кейс: слезаем с иглы контекстной рекламы на бесплатный SEO-трафик

Данный кейс можно разделить на 2 части. Первая часть короткая – в ней суть. Вторая часть – подробности работы. У кого есть опыт в сфере – могут ознакомиться только с первой частью. Тем, кому интересны детали (кому-то покажутся очевидными и банальными) – для вас вторая часть. 1 этап – нас устраивает контекст Мы работали с клиентом за 45 000 р. в месяц. В эту сумму входили в основном программные правки сайта + SEO поддержка (первичная оптимизация, работа над юзабилити, оптимизация новостей и другие мелкие доработки). Бюджет распределялся так: 90% — доработки сайта, 10% — SEO. Тематика – пластиковые окна, регион Удмуртская Республика. Параллельно, другая компания работала над контекстной рекламой. Вот как распределялся трафик. Стоит учитывать, что часть переходов из поисковиков – это тот же трафик с директа, поэтому фактического SEO-трафика было меньше. Таким образом мы работали год. Занимались правками, делали маломальскую SEO оптимизацию новостей и других материалов. Читать

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17:08 habrahabr.ru Контент-маркетинг для бизнеса: Хабрасеминар #6 и его основные тезисы

Есть такая хорошая традиция. Каждые полгода контент-студия Хабра практически в полном составе выходит из онлайн-сумрака и в уютном зале рассказывает что-нибудь интересное. Да еще и других рассказчиков на это подбивает. 28 марта мы проделали это в шестой раз, собрав аудиторию представителей малого и среднего бизнеса. Небольшие компании максимально нацелены на развитие бизнеса, и у них практически не остается ресурсов на другие направления, если они быстро не приносят ощутимый эффект. И контент-маркетинг, востребованный крупным бизнесов, остается за чертой внимания других компаний, где просто не понимают, как статьи — если они не продают и не SEO — могут работать на бизнес. В этом посте мы поделимся самыми интересными тезисами с мероприятия и расскажем о нем вообще. Читать дальше

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00:30 Seomoz.Org Now Live for Your SEO Learning Pleasure: The NEW Beginner's Guide to SEO!

Posted by FeliciaCrawford It feels like it's been a king's age since we first began our long journey to rewrite and revamp the Beginner's Guide to SEO. For all the long months of writing and rewriting, of agonizing over details and deleting/replacing sections every so often as Google threw us for a loop, it's hard to believe it's finally ready to share: The new Beginner's Guide to SEO is here! What makes this new version so darn special and sparkly, anyway? I'm glad you asked! Our design team would breathe a sigh of relief and tell you it's because this baby is on-brand and ready to rock your eyeballs to next Tuesday with its use of fancy, scalable SVGs and accessible fonts and images complete with embedded text and alt text descriptions. Our team of SEO experts would blot the sweat from their collective brow and tell you it's because we've retooled and completely updated all our recommendations to ensure we're giving fledgling learners

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13:51 Techcrunch.Com Bringing affiliate marketing and outsourced customer acquisition to Brazil nets Escale $22.6 million

Despite not being Brazilian and having their first exposure to the country only a few years ago, the two co-founders of Escale have managed to raise $22.6 million for their company, which provides customer acquisition services to companies in telecommunications and healthcare across Brazil. Their secret? A knowledge of search engine optimization technologies honed through […]

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11:05 habrahabr.ru Нахождение объектов на картинках

Мы занимаемся закупкой трафика из Adwords (рекламная площадка от Google). Одна из регулярных задач в этой области – создание новых баннеров. Тесты показывают, что баннеры теряют эффективность с течением времени, так как пользователи привыкают к баннеру; меняются сезоны и тренды. Кроме того, у нас есть цель захватить разные ниши аудитории, а узко таргетированные баннеры работают лучше. В связи с выходом в новые страны остро встал вопрос локализации баннеров. Для каждого баннера необходимо создавать версии на разных языках и с разными валютами. Можно просить это делать дизайнеров, но эта ручная работа добавит дополнительную нагрузку на и без того дефицитный ресурс. Это выглядит как задача, которую несложно автоматизировать. Для этого достаточно сделать программу, которая будет накладывать на болванку баннера локализованную цену на "ценник" и call to action (фразу типа "купить сейчас") на кнопку. Если печать текста на картинке реализовать достаточно просто, то определение

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10:17 Seomoz.Org Topical SEO: 7 Advanced Concepts of Link Relevance & Google Rankings

Posted by Cyrus-Shepard Links matter for SEO. A lot. Most marketers understand that links to websites count as “votes” on the web. Google — and other search engines — use these votes to rank web pages in search results. The more votes a page accumulates, the better that page’s chances of ranking in search results. This is the popularity part of Google’s algorithm, described in the original PageRank patent. But Google doesn’t stop at using links for popularity. They’ve invented a number of clever ways to use links to determine relevance and authority — i.e. what is this page about and is it a trusted answer for the user’s search query? To rank in Google, it’s not simply the number of votes you receive from popular pages, but the relevance and authority of those links as well. The principals Google may use grow complex quickly, but we’ve included a number of simple ways to leverage these strategies for more relevant rankings at the bottom of the post. 1.

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10:28 Seomoz.Org The One-Hour Guide to SEO: Searcher Satisfaction - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by randfish Satisfying your searchers is a big part of what it means to be successful in modern SEO. And optimal searcher satisfaction means gaining a deep understanding of them and the queries they use to search. In this section of the One-Hour Guide to SEO, Rand covers everything you need to know about how to satisfy searchers, including the top four priorities you need to have and tips on how to avoid pogo-sticking in the SERPs. Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab! Video Transcription Howdy, Moz fans, and welcome to our special edition One-Hour Guide to SEO Part III on searcher satisfaction. So historically, if we were doing a guide to SEO in the long-ago past, we probably wouldn't even be talking about searcher satisfaction. What do searchers want from Google's results? But Google has made such a significant number of advances in the last 5 to 10 years that searcher

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18:44 habrahabr.ru Как мы пилили серверный рендеринг и что из этого вышло

Всем привет! На протяжении года мы переходим на React и задумались о том, как бы сделать так, чтобы наши пользователи не ждали клиентской шаблонизации, а видели страницу как можно быстрее. С этой целью решили делать серверный рендеринг (SSR — Server Side Rendering) и оптимизировать SEO, ведь не все поисковые движки умеют исполнять JS, а те, которые умеют, тратят время на исполнение, а время краулинга каждого сайта ограничено. Читать дальше →

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12:38 habrahabr.ru [Из песочницы] Получение рекламных кампаний Яндекс Директ с помощью API в DataFrame (Python)

Работая сразу с несколькими клиентами, появляется необходимость оперативно анализировать много информации в разных аккаунтах и отчетах. Когда клиентов становится больше 10, маркетолог больше не успевает постоянно следить за статистикой. Но выход есть. В данной статье я расскажу про то, как следить за рекламными аккаунтами с помощью API и Python. На выходе мы получим запрос к API Яндекс Директ, с помощью которого будем получать статистику по рекламным кампаниям и сможем обрабатывать эти данные. Для этого нам нужно: Получить токен API Яндекс Директ Написать запрос к серверу Импортировать данные в DataFrame Читать дальше

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11:25 CMSmagazine Семинар "Практические рекомендации по SEO-продвижению сайта в 2019 году" на ВДНХ, "АРТ.Техноград"

Фитеров Денис (студия Batobiz) проведет обучающий семинар по seo продвижению на ВДНХ в павильоне "АРТ.Техноград" лекционный зал "Малый бизнес Москвы" (2й этаж) 11 апреля 2019 с 15:30 ─ 17:30

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10:27 Seomoz.Org How to Design an SEO Quiz for Your Prospective SEO Manager

Posted by KameronJenkins Use this guide to create an SEO skills test and hire the most qualified SEO Manager for your team! I was a new team lead. I knew the ins and outs of being a good SEO and a good content creator, but within my first month as a manager I faced a challenge I had never had to tackle before... Someone left and I had to find a backfill. I started desperately Googling things like “interview questions” and “what to look for in a new employee” but quickly realized that was too generic for what I needed. There was really no guidance available on what makes a good SEO manager. I had to wing it. What I wish I would have thought of back then was creating an SEO assessment. My organization had test projects for content developers based on writing prompts, but there was really nothing comparable to gauge a prospective SEO’s skillset. An assessment like this might be good for a second stage interview after your candidate has passed a basic round one

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22:41 Seomoz.Org MozCon 2019: The Initial Agenda

Posted by cheryldraper We’ve got three months and some change before MozCon 2019 splashes onto the scene (can you believe it?!) Today, we’re excited to give you a sneak preview of the first batch of 19 incredible speakers to take the stage this year. With a healthy mix of fresh faces joining us for the first time and fan favorites making a return appearance, our speaker lineup this year is bound to make waves. While a few details are still being pulled together, topics range from technical SEO, content marketing, and local search to link building, machine learning, and way more — all with an emphasis on practitioners sharing tactical advice and real-world stories of how they’ve moved the needle (and how you can, too.) Still need to snag your ticket for this sea of actionable talks? We've got you covered: Register for MozCon The Speakers Take a gander at who you'll see on stage this year, along with some of the topics we've already worked

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11:15 habrahabr.ru MODX-Дайджест #2.1 (11 марта – 25 марта 2019)

Свежая подборка новостей о MODX. В выпуске: ночные сборки 3 версии, новый SEO Tab, большое обновление компонентов Василия Наумкина, упоминания пользователей на MODX.pro и некоторые подробности рефакторинга от Джейсона. Приятного чтения! Нумерация дайджеста изменена, чтобы не конфликтовать с серией дайджестов (#1 и #2) от Andchir. Читать дальше →

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19:32 CMSWire.com How Sticky Is Your Enterprise Search?

Companies devote time and money to perfecting their website's SEO. Now it's time to devote some of the same resources to internal search.

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18:22 Seomoz.Org The 5 SEO Recommendations That Matter in the End

Posted by Paola-Didone One of the biggest challenges in SEO is measuring impact — we know what matters (or doesn’t matter) until the rules of the game have changed. And when they do, we’re all scrambling to find a baseline again.  I decided to put together a list of what I consider to be steadfast SEO recommendations. This list has yielded wins for a number of my clients — they had an impact that we were able to identify and quantify — and might be useful to you and your clients. While not all of them may be applicable (they should ultimately be tailored to your site’s specific needs) I will provide further details and examples of what I mean within each. Here are the five SEO recommendations that I’ve consistently seen make a positive impact in SEO's ever-changing world. 1. Structured data matters The short

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00:42 Seomoz.Org Optimizing for Searcher Intent Explained in 7 Visuals

Posted by randfish Ever get that spooky feeling that Google somehow knows exactly what you mean, even when you put a barely-coherent set of words in the search box? You're not alone. The search giant has an uncanny ability to un-focus on the keywords in the search query and apply behavioral, content, context, and temporal/historical signals to give you exactly the answer you want. For marketers and SEOs, this poses a frustrating challenge. Do we still optimize for keywords? The answer is "sort of." But I think I can show you how to best think about this in a few quick visuals, using a single search query. First... A short story. I sent a tweet over the weekend about an old Whiteboard Friday video. Emily Grossman, longtime friend, all-around marketing genius, and official-introducer-of-millenial-speak-to-GenXers-like-me replied. Ha ha Emily. I already made fun of my own mustache so... Anywho, I searched Google for "soz." Not because I didn't know

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17:16 habrahabr.ru Власти Евросоюза оштрафовали Google на $1,7 млрд за блокировку рекламы конкурентов

По мнению чиновников из Еврокомиссии, Google намеренно подавляла конкуренцию в сфере онлайн-рекламы. В частности, компания запрещала рекламировать услуги конкурентов через свой сервис AdSense. Это противоречит европейским законам, и теперь компания заплатит $1,7 млрд штрафа. Читать дальше →

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10:18 Seomoz.Org The One-Hour Guide to SEO, Part 2: Keyword Research - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by randfish Before doing any SEO work, it's important to get a handle on your keyword research. Aside from helping to inform your strategy and structure your content, you'll get to know the needs of your searchers, the search demand landscape of the SERPs, and what kind of competition you're up against. In the second part of the One-Hour Guide to SEO, the inimitable Rand Fishkin covers what you need to know about the keyword research process, from understanding its goals to building your own keyword universe map. Enjoy! Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high resolution version in a new tab! Video Transcription Howdy, Moz fans. Welcome to another portion of our special edition of Whiteboard Friday, the One-Hour Guide to SEO. This is Part II - Keyword Research. Hopefully you've already seen our SEO strategy session from last week. What we want to do in keyword research is talk about why keyword research is

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10:15 Seomoz.Org SEO Is a Means to an End: How Do You Prove Your Value to Clients?

Posted by KameronJenkins “Prove it” is pretty much the name of the game at this point. As SEOs, we invest so much effort into finding opportunities for our clients, executing strategies, and on the best days, getting the results we set out to achieve. That’s why it feels so deflating (not to mention mind-boggling) when, after all those increases in rankings, traffic, and conversions our work produced, our clients still aren’t satisfied. Where’s the disconnect? The value of SEO in today’s search landscape You don’t have to convince SEOs that their work is valuable. We know full well how our work benefits our clients’ websites. Our attention on crawling and indexing ensures that search engine bots crawl all our clients’ important pages, that they’re not wasting time on any unimportant pages, and that only the

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11:59 Techcrunch.Com Ahead of third antitrust ruling, Google announces fresh tweaks to Android in Europe

Google is widely expected to be handed a third antitrust fine in Europe this week, with reports suggesting the European Commission’s decision in its long-running investigation of AdSense could land later today. Right on cue the search giant has PRed another Android product tweak — which it bills as “supporting choice and competition in Europe”. […]

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10:15 Seomoz.Org Win That Pitch: How SEO Agencies Can Land New Business

Posted by TheMozTeam If you’re a digital agency, chances are you have your sights set on a huge variety of clients — from entertainment and automotive, to travel and finance — all with their own unique SEO needs. So how do you attract these companies and provide them with next-level SEO? By using a flexible tracking solution that delivers a veritable smorgasbord of SERP data every single day. Here are just four ways you can leverage STAT to lock down new business.  1. Arm yourself with intel before you pitch  The best way to win over a potential client is to walk into a pitch already aware of the challenges and opportunities in their online space. In other words: come armed with intel. To get a lay of their search landscape, research which keywords are applicable to your prospect, load those puppies into STAT, and let them run for a few days (you can turn tracking on and off for however many keywords you like, whenever you like). This way, when it comes

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10:30 Seomoz.Org 5 Google Business Profile Tweaks To Improve Foot Traffic

Posted by MiriamEllis Your agency recommends all kinds of useful tactics to help improve the local SEO for your local business clients, but how many of those techniques are leveraging Google Business Profile (GBP) to attract as many walk-ins as possible? Today, I’m sharing five GBP tweaks worthy of implementation to help turn digital traffic into foot traffic. I've ordered them from easiest to hardest, but as you'll see, even the more difficult ones aren’t actually very daunting — all the more reason to try them out! 1) Answer Google Q&A quickly (they might be leads) Difficulty level: Easy If you have automotive industry clients, chances you’re familiar with Greg Gifford from DealerOn. At a recent local search conference, Greg shared that 40 percent of the Google Q&A questions his clients receive are actually

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10:16 Seomoz.Org The One-Hour Guide to SEO, Part 1: SEO Strategy - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by randfish Can you learn SEO in an hour? Surprisingly, the answer is yes, at least when it comes to the fundamentals!  With this edition of Whiteboard Friday, we're kicking off something special: a six-part series of roughly ten-minute-long videos designed to deliver core SEO concepts efficiently and effectively. It's our hope that this will serve as a helpful resource for a wide range of people: Beginner SEOs looking to get acquainted with the field concisely & comprehensivelyClients, bosses, and stakeholders who would benefit from an enhanced understanding of your workNew team members who need quick and easy onboardingColleagues with SEO-adjacent roles, such as web developers and software engineers Today we'll be covering Part 1: SEO Strategy with the man who wrote the original guide on SEO, our friend Rand. Settle in, and stay tuned next Friday for our second video covering keyword research! Click on the whiteboard image

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04:02 Seomoz.Org Our Own Sarah Bird Joins the 2019 Class of Henry Crown Fellows!

Posted by TheMozTeam Mozzers believe in doing good, whether we’re helping new SEOs learn the ropes, encouraging young girls to consider a career in STEM, or just maintaining a dog-friendly (and thus smile-friendly) office. It’s why so much of our content and tools are available for free. It’s why Moz has a generous employee donation-match program that matched over $500,000 between 2013 and 2017, supporting organizations making the world a more just and charitable place. It’s why we partner with programs like Year Up, Ignite, and Techbridge to inspire the next generation of technology leaders. And of course, TAGFEE is the beating heart of everything we do. It’s part of our DNA. That’s why we’re incredibly proud (and humbled!) to announce that our very own CEO and Disney-karaoke-extraordinaire, Sarah Bird, has been

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13:11 habrahabr.ru [recovery mode] 11 ответов про Яндекс.Справочник

Лайтовая статья, подойдёт для владельцев сайтов услуг. 1.Как попасть в Yandex справочник если нет офиса? Указываем любой большой торговый центр. Можете найти похожие организации и посмотреть где они сидят. Затем «разместиться» этажом выше. 2. Как получить расширенный сниппет в Yandex с помощью справочника? Зарегистрироваться и указать адрес. 3. Как попасть на карты в другом регионе, городе, улице? Есть несколько способов, но я рекомендую создать поддомен (как это сделать можно почитать в кейсе «Экономия 300.000 р. в месяц на контекстной рекламе») и зарегистрировать его в справочнике. Через 2-3 дня вы окажетесь на Yandex картах в выбранном регионе. 4. Как проверяют фейковые адреса? 1. Сервисом toloka.yandex.ru/; 2. Обзвоном. Вам могут позвонить и спросить следующее: — Здравствуйте, меня зовут Анна, сервис Yandex справочник. Верен ли следующий адрес: ……. — Да. — Благодарим за подтверждение. А могут так: — Здравствуйте, меня зовут Анна, сервис Yandex справочник. Скажите, по

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10:10 Seomoz.Org 5 Reasons Legacy Brands Struggle With SEO (and What to Do About Them)

Posted by Tom.Capper Given the increasing importance of brand in SEO, it seems a cruel irony that many household name-brands seem to struggle with managing the channel. Yet, in my time at Distilled, I've seen just that: numerous name-brand sites in various states of stagnation and even more frustrated SEO managers attempting to prevent said stagnation.  Despite global brand recognition and other established advantages that ought to drive growth, the reality is that having a household name doesn't ensure SEO success. In this post, I’m going to explore why large, well-known brands can run into difficulties with organic performance, the patterns I’ve noticed, and some of the recommended tactics to address those challenges. What we talk about when we talk about a legacy brand For the purposes of this post, the term “legacy brand”

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20:15 Seomoz.Org How Google Dishes Out Content by Search Intent

Posted by TheMozTeam This post was originally published on the STAT blog. In the STAT whitepaper, Using search intent to connect with consumers, we looked at how SERP features change with a searcher’s intent — informational, commercial, transactional, or local. It was so chock-full of research that it sparked oodles of other content inspiration — from the basics of building an intent-based keyword list to setting up your own search intent project, to Scott Taft's guide to building your own search intent dashboard. But while doing the research for the whitepaper, we found ourselves pondering another question: is there a similar relationship between search intent and the kind of page content that Google sources results from? We know from our study that as searchers head down the intent funnel, the SERP feature landscape shifts accordingly. For example, Google serves up progressively more shopping boxes, which help close the deal, as a searcher moves from awareness to

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19:11 Seomoz.Org How to Set Up GTM Cookie Tracking (and Better Understand Content Engagement)

Posted by Joel.Mesherghi The more you understand the behaviour of your users, the better you can market your product or service — which is why Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a marketer's best friend. With built-in tag templates, such as scroll depth and click tracking, GTM is a powerful tool to measure the engagement and success of your content.  If you’re only relying on tag templates in GTM, or the occasionally limiting out-of-box Google Analytics, then you could be missing out on insights that go beyond normal engagement metrics. Which means you may be getting an incomplete story from your data. This post will teach you how to get even more insight by setting up cookies in GTM. You'll learn how to tag and track multiple page views in a single session, track a specific set number of pages, based on specific on-page content elements, and understand how users are engaging with your content so you can make data-based decisions to better drive

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